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Turnkey restaurant mobility solution

Infuse technology in your restaurant business to integrate, optimize and streamline the entire restaurant process. Right from table waitlist turnover to dinner table analytics and more to let you provide remarkable service to guests.

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We serve restaurant solution so that
you serve your guests better

Reap the best possible advantages of our tools and experience in running your restaurant business efficiently. Treat your guests with grander services to assure elated hospitality experience that contributes to building brand loyalty.

Restaurant mobile solution for smooth running
of your business on the go

Making tasks easier for managers

Manager solution gives all the access to the manager over credential distribution, table allotment to waiters and stewards, customer table management, and kitchen order monitoring. All this is possible within the realms of his/her fingertips.

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Waiter management solution

Eliminating a large amount of waiter’s spatial dependencies with mobile restaurant solution to help them serve your customer better. The mobile solution offers augmented order management system for waiters to ensure timely servings.

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Interactive order sytem for customers

Get your hands on smart restaurant solution and make it available on mobile device. Our mobile restaurant solution aims to benefit your restaurant business by eliminating costs, reducing labor needs, and elevating the guest experience.

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Smart kitchen dashboard UI for order streamlining

Mobile application offers a holistic kitchen management solution to streamline the entire order receiving, processing, and serving processes. The integrated application is connected to a big monitor where all the orders can be viewed and managed.

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Restaurant App Solution Manager

Getting manager workflow on mobile for ultimate growth

  • Waiter list with pin and dashboard
  • Review order status
  • Holistic table view across all floors/restaurant branch
  • Manage restaurant profile
  • Access restaurant Panel
  • View restaurant reports
  • Permitting account set up
  • Managing cash inflows and expenses of branch
  • Creating and assigning tables to waiters
  • Managing users
  • Importing and exporting user data across multiple branch
Restaurant App Solution Waiter Manager

Simplifying waiter tasks with mobile solution

  • Cohesive navigation icon to search items in menu
  • Selecting or deselecting ordered items
  • Alert notifications from customers in device
  • Bill generation
  • Access to customer information like tastes, preferences, choices, etc.
  • Connecting order to kitchen upon confirmation and availability check
  • Enabling self-ordering for customers upon their choice
  • Access to table availabilities on device
  • Managing multiple table orders and synching the same with kitchen
Restaurant App Solution Order Manager

Restaurant mobility solution for ultimate customer engagement

  • Customer login
  • Exploring menu categories
  • Selection of menu item
  • Checking details of each menu items
  • One touch alert button to call waiter
  • Preferences selection
  • Navigation and search button to find anything of choice
Restaurant App Development Backend

Kitchen management solution for efficient order management

  • Dashboard for table-wise orders
  • Access to pending orders
  • Order notification from waiter
  • Order acceptance system synched with kitchen inventory
  • Waiter notification upon order completion
  • Dashboard control system for order prioritizing

Create a difference, set a benchmark, with our finest mobile restaurant solution

Leverage the power of mobile technology by availing restaurant mobility solution for offering exceptional services to customers with least efforts.

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Application of restaurant mobility solution
in parallel businesses

With the advent of On Demand App solution, plenty of traditional services are getting renewed again. Service providers are bridging the demand-supply app via a mobile app. This particular restaurant mobility solution can be deployed for plenty of other similar business as mentioned below.

Food ordering app

Instead of a restaurant, it is somewhat possible to deploy the same solution of in-app food order aimed at providing convenience to customers.

Dinner Table Reservation App

A diner table reservation app can have a restaurant layout that allows customer to pick their desired table with simple taps on device.

Food Delivery App

Streamlining food delivery system with a food delivery app for your restaurant business to ensure timely meal delivery.

Using right technology stack



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Image Caching



Local Database

Crash Reporting


Yes, you can. By managing small tables over mobile application you will avail yourself with more time and energy to expand your restaurant.
You will require a PC which will be an admin PC to monitor, access, and control everything what dedicated mobile devices does.
Sure. You will be using the application and you hold complete control and rights over the code we develop for you.
Yes we so our best to help you market your app and also ensure that we follow the marketplace practices and protocols to get your app accepted in PlayStore and Apple’s App Store as well.
We work on strict deadlines to achieve our short-term milestones and therefore depending on the requirement we take about 6-7 weeks to hand you the completed application.

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