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Social media app development

At Peerbits, we develop cooperative social media apps that engage your audience and keep them entertained for hours. We leverage on common social media platforms to bring brands and labels closer to their customers. Our social media apps are tailormade to best reach its target audience and attain its business goals.

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Fresh & Enchanting

Promotional Apps

Visitors often land on your marketplace app via search results a search within the app. Regardless, the products listed on a marketplace must be easily discoverable. Further, products searches must be customizable to filter in or out a particular product, brand, and prize point.

  • Search Filter
  • Search Optimizations
  • Product Search
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Image Search
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Aspiring & Witful

Contest Apps

Running contests is a splendid way to engage with audience and keep them engaged for elongated period time. Contest apps are a great way to run contests and developing contest apps is easy with Peerbits’ agile development program and years of experience in developing app for iOS and Android.

  • Contest Creation
  • Contest Results
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Facebook Login
  • Play with friends
  • Send Invitations
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Amusing & Exciting

Social Games

Gone are the days when people would disengage in any social activity while playing serious games. We live in the era of social games, where thousands of people contest against each other. They share their gaming progress on Facebook, seek support on Twitter, post selfies on Instagram and request new life on WhatsApp.

  • Request Gifts
  • Send lifeline
  • In app chatting
  • Virtual Teams
  • Real-time actions
  • Invite Friends
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Motivating & Educational

Quiz Apps

Who didn’t like quiz competition during school times? Millennials love boasting their GK scores to their friends. With a quiz app integrated with popular social media channels, they can compete against their Facebook friends in real-time while sharing the status on Instagram from within the quiz app.

  • Real time contest
  • Multiple Categories
  • Quiz of the day
  • Leaderboards
  • Social Media Share
  • Levels of Quiz

Case Studies: Our live projects fantasizing the app world

Just to share that it isn’t just the words that we have, we actually are good with our creative and coding business. Our live projects have not only earned satisfied clients/users for us as well as its owner.

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