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Manage taxi business efficiently with a robust taxi booking & dispatch software

Manage and automate your taxi business with our intelligent and innovative cloud-based taxi booking software built to tackle taxi business challenges of 21st century.

Manage any fleet dispatch process efficiently

Our taxi dispatch solution automates and streamlines all the operations which effectively saves your time and money. Our dispatch system is flexible enough to manage various kinds of fleet businesses.

taxi fleet business

Taxi & fleet business

Boost your business by adopting a taxi booking system that puts all your taxi business operations on an auto-pilot mode to increase the overall revenue and efficiency.

taxi dispatch software taxi aggregator

Taxi aggregator platform

Start your own taxi aggregator platform or marketplace that swiftly connects the riders with the nearby available drivers through your online taxi booking system

taxi dispatch software car rental business

Car rental business

Give your business stability and credibility with our dispatch solution that effectively manages all your car rental services like pick & drop and hourly based services.

taxi dispatch software dashboard

Easy-to-access admin panel

Highly interactive admin panel which allows easy access over aspects which includes live tracking of fleet, efficient dispatch, management of all the activities of customers, drivers, and the vehicles.

Interactive dashboard

The dashboard that displays critical data in the form of various graphs and stats. It shows business heat maps and total number of drivers in the real-time.

Manage drivers

Admin panel serves as a centralized system to efficiently manage all the drivers. You can perform various functions like add, update, block, and remove the driver’s profile.

Manage customers

With our multifaceted admin panel, you can manage all your customers by providing them with various tempting discount offers to add & retain new and old customers respectively.

Taxi management made easy with our taxi dispatch software

Features that make our taxi dispatch app look great

Our taxi dispatch app solution has all the features that provide customers a fast, safe, and comfortable ride. It assists drivers to find the riders efficiently and make more profits. It also helps admins to manage their business in most optimized manner.

taxi dispatch software features

Book cab in blink of an eye

Booking a cab becomes extremely fast and easy with our taxi booking software’s passenger app. Just enter your pick-up & drop-off location to book your cab.

Multiple mode of payments

You can provide your customers with several options to pay. Our taxi dispatch software allows your customers to pay via cash, card, and wallet.

Trip summary

This feature will provide all the comprehensive details of the ride to your customer. This includes information like driver’s name and vehicle’s name.

Reach your destination in a jiffy

With our taxi dispatch solution’s driver app, your drivers can reach the destination in a jiffy with the seamless assistance of our integrated GPS tracking system.

Taxi booking software for efficient taxi businesses.

taxi dispatch software robust

Robust taxi dispatch software for holistic corporate needs

We have built our taxi booking system in such a way that it carefully understands all the corporate needs and fulfills them effectively. Our dynamic dispatch software can resolve all your corporate transportation woes.

Highly interactive admin panel

Corporates usually have complex requirements which can’t be dealt with a simple admin panel. Our robust admin panel handles all the complex corporate requirements effectively.

Offline GPS tracking

Fear for low or no internet connectivity? Don’t worry our dispatch system will provide you with seamless service with our offline GPS tracking feature.

Handle corporate accounts

To register thousands of employees one by one is a tedious task. Our dispatch system effectively solves this issue by allowing employees to use their ID cards to register in the app.

Get dynamic taxi dispatch system to boost your taxi business.

taxi dispatch software book cabs

Book cabs on website with our online taxi dispatch system

Expand your reach to the audience by allowing them to book the cab from websites. Our taxi dispatch system is not only bounded to the mobile world. Our solution provides your customers with website booking as an alternative to the mobile app booking.

Instant booking

Book your cabs instantly with our online dispatch website. All you need to do just enter your details in the website and the driver will pick you up in no time.

Manual mode

The admin or any person operating the dashboard has the power to make changes to the bookings made by their customers. They can accept or reject the requests.

Deep integration

Dispatch system is well integrated with the website. This deep integration provides seamless sync between the system and the website resulting in superior website experience.

Get advanced taxi dispatch system with automated dispatching.

taxi dispatch software analytics

Reports & analytics

Report and analytics are nothing but vital data which are presented in the form of statistics and graphs. These data help you to take insight-driven business decisions. These decisions play a huge role in increasing your business’ efficiency and profit.

Increasing booking

Reports & analytics shows you the areas that serves as hotspots for cab booking. You can divert your fleet to these areas with maximum number of taxi booking requests.

Reduce cost

Data obtained from report & analytics shows the areas of high expenditure. You can closely study that data and then take steps to minimize the expenditure.

Evaluate driver’s performance

Reports & analytics play a significant role in evaluating your driver’s performance. You can penalize and reward your drivers based on their performance for a period.

Dispatch made easy with our dynamic dispatch
booking system

Our solution comes with admin web panel, dispatching dashboard and a couple of native apps for passengers and drivers.

Our taxi dispatch software benefits that will leave
all your rivals behind

Our taxi dispatch solution provides you, your drivers, and customers with plethora of benefits. These benefits play a major role in making your taxi business grow incessantly and leaving behind all your rivals far behind.

One-click dispatch

Our solution eases the operator’s job as he/she now just have to look for an available driver and click on the “dispatch” to send the cab to the rider’s respective address.

Cut down costs

With our taxi dispatch solution in place all your processes will be streamlined which will enable the operations to run in a smooth manner ultimately saving the money.

Booking on web

Apart from mobile, our dispatch system also allows your customers to book rides on the website. This alternative helps you to make more profits.

Live tracking

Our taxi dispatch system helps you to track all your drivers’ activities and vehicles in real-time. This helps you to warn them in case of an accident of traffic jam ahead.

Schedule rides

The scheduler feature in our dispatch system helps you to schedule the rides later in the day. It allows you to schedule a booked ride for as long as a week.

Real-time notification

It’s quite usual to have incidents when your cabs or drivers face accidents or legal troubles. Our system sends you notifications in the real-time for such events.

Technology architecture of our dispatch system

Our online dispatch solution follows a robust, scalable, and technology-oriented software architecture that empowers our solution. This technology architecture makes all the operations of our solutions smooth and swift.

taxi app development architecture

Your taxi business deserves a robust taxi booking system.

Case studies of taxi solutions we developed

The following case studies are the testimony to our expertise in the field of taxi app development. We have done development, branding, and customization of taxi dispatch solutions for our several clients in the past several years.






Our white-label taxi solution supports various type of fleet vehicles such as Taxi, chauffeur-driven, service vehicles, private cars, and limousines.
As a robust white-label solution we can customize the dispatch software as per your business needs.
Yes, we have various plans which are specifically based for small, mid, and large-scale companies.
You can either buy the solution all of it together and upload it to your desired server or you can subscribe to our SaaS-offering services with our payment plans. The former method is costlier but ensures full autonomy. Whereas, the latter is economical but the SaaS vendor restricts your authority.
There’s no minimum or maximum limit of fleet size. The maximum limit depends upon the maximum carrying capacity of the host’s server. Similarly, the minimum fleet size depends on the ROI consideration.