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Manage all your drivers and customers with our dynamic taxi management software

A robust and interactive admin panel with multifaceted functionality that makes it easy for the admin to manage all the activities of drivers and customers in a swift and smooth manner.

Easy-to-access admin panel which makes managing drivers and customers easy

Our easy-to-access admin panel serves as a control center for the whole taxi dispatch business as it allows an admin to manage all the activities of drivers and customers efficiently.

admin app manage dispatch

Manage dispatch

With the help of an admin panel you can manage the dispatcher whose main role is to handle booking requests. Moreover, admin can also assign roles to operators and dispatcher.

  • Assign roles to dispatcher
  • Add, delete, and modify dispatchers
  • Track all dispatcher activities
  • Provide additional assistance
admin app manage passenger

Manage passenger

Admin manages all the queries and the requests of the passengers via admin panel. Moreover, he/she can add, delete, view, and modify passenger details.

  • Add & remove passenger details
  • View booked trips
  • View all your passenger’s detail
  • Manage your passenger’s query
admin app manage drivers

Manage drivers

Admin panel assists admin to track all the activities of the drivers. Moreover, he/she can perform functions viz. add, delete, block, and modify driver’s profile.

  • Accept/reject driver’s account
  • Add vehicles
  • Add drivers
  • Review driver’s & vehicle’s documents
admin app dashboard


The dashboard displays a comprehensive view of all the key activities and stats in real-time such as total number of online drivers, active rides, and business heatmaps.

  • Interactive & easy-to-access dashboard
  • View active passengers
  • View total number of active drivers
  • View total earnings
admin app reports analytics

Reports & analytics

Report & analytics show graphical representation of various stats such as total earnings, payment report, driver log, user wallet report, and many more.

  • Keep an eye on all the numbers
  • Take insight driven business decisions
  • Find out your earnings
  • Identify your weak areas
admin app tracking report

Tracking reports

The admin panel consists of a report section through which the admin can view driver report, ride report, and customer report effectively.

  • Report of trip history
  • Report of active trips
  • Report of canceled trips
  • Report of rejected trip requests

Run your taxi business in an auto-pilot mode with our automated taxi booking system.

Our taxi booking software has a robust and interactive admin panel that eases the process of overall taxi business management.

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Why a white label admin panel app?

White-label apps are nothing but ready-made solutions that are tested by the experts. It has several benefits that are mentioned as below.

Lower Set-up cost

White-label solution has a lower set-up cost as it gets you rid of investments in various components such as research & design, testing, and hiring.

Save your time

Custom-built apps are built from the scratch and are time consuming. However, white-label solutions save your time as they are market-ready.


Another advantage of a white-label solution is that the company that provides you the solution also provides you with periodic maintenance services.

Case studies of our Taxi booking system

We have consistently developed high quality taxi dispatch software for many years. Below are the case studies that are testimony of our hard work and challenges that we accomplished in the development of taxi dispatch system.





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