Posted: June 1, 2011

Effective Date: June 1, 2011

Clarity is the first prerequisite of the long-term relationship.

Due to the nature of our business and offshore conditions we don’t impose any particular signature on a particular form or abide our clients to sign any agreement citing that you are accepting our terms and conditions. Once you pay the deposit of the approved project, it is believe that you are accepting our terms and conditions automatically. Therefore, it is imperative for you to read our terms and conditions carefully before making a final move-Payment of Deposit.


  • Generally we define all charges in our quotation as per the given project scope so our quotation will act as a final costing document for you until you add or delete any project scope, features and functionality.
  • Quotation will implemented only for fixed priced projects, not for hourly projects. Therefore, hourly charges will remain same as per your choice of the hourly package or decided at the time of negotiations.
  • If your project needs any traveling for us or for our developers or other related staff, the travel expenses will charge to the client at cost.
  • If we use 3rd party materials like fonts, images, scripts, software, etc. in your project those charges won’t be included in the project costing, but you have to pay additional charges for that
  • Similarly, if we integrate 3rd party services like payment gateways or credit or debit cards and once everything tested and approved by clients our responsibility will finish at that point. If any issue arises afterwards, Peerbits is not liable for that nor responsible for their payments. If you still need our services then after you have to pay our new/additional charges.

Project Management

However, Peerbits always try to justify all project through its in-house team and with its own resource, there are some projects, sometime need sub-contracting so in such situations:

  • Peerbits will act as the prime contractor for the development and will sub-contract specific portions of the task as required.
  • Peerbits permanent staff will act as Project Managers and primary contact point for all dealings with the client.
  • Once project is initiate, we give direct access to our project management software where you can directly interact with your developer or team of developers and can get regular reporting.
  • During development process we expect you to provide all required support and material from your side as soon as possible otherwise our defined time line will be extended further accordingly. Generally we expect content, images, vital project related information and most importantly your quick feedback over each piece of the development or milestone.


  • If we design and develop your website, web application or mobile application all design rights will be ours including visual graphics, logos, scripts, code, etc. until you make full payment and hold the documents. Once project is finish all rights will pass to you or your clients if any.
  • In case of hourly work, all rights will fall on your side as soon as payment has done, as here we don’t claim any rights.
  • We will not place our name on the product until you are ready for that and the same is true for portfolio so without your permission we will not show your project in our portfolio or in client testimonials.
  • However, we always try to use unique and copyright infringement free material in our projects, we can’t take responsibility when material is provided by you and insisted us to use in your project. It is your responsibility to check your material before handover us.
  • If you commit any mistake on your behalf like obtaining proper permissions, negligence, or inability to authorize your content or resources, Peerbits will not remain responsible for any ensue.
  • If you claim that, you have legal or authorized permissions you should be produced them as per requirements immediately.