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Developing an app for travel and tourism business

With better income distribution, rising per capita income, easy availability of travel information, more people are travelling than ever. A travel app comes quite handy for people looking to travel whether it is to book tickets, book hotels, seek travel information, buy travel insurance, or find a home stay there.

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Travel Information

Not every person is a seasoned traveler and majority travelers are first timers. They research a lot from various sources on the internet. But it is always handy to have a single app for everything they want to know about the destination. Better, if the info they seek is available offline when network is unavailable.

  • Country Info
  • Travel Info
  • Security Info
  • Insurance Info
  • Safety Tips
  • User reviews
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Hotel Booking

Booking a place of stay is the second most important thing to travelers. With rise of smartphones, people prefer booking hotel on an app rather than a website. Thus, hotel booking websites are in great demand these days and one of the most downloaded app category.

  • Best Price
  • Star Comfort
  • User Rating
  • Search Filters
  • Quick Book
  • Cancellation
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Travel Tickets

Booking travel tickets is the first thing a traveler does after finalizing the travel destination. There are countless apps available for flight booking all guaranteeing best price. Air tickets are the most looked upon category be it App Store or Play Store. Mobile boarding passes is a trend these days.

  • Air Tickets
  • Bus Tickets
  • Rail Tickets
  • Cruise Tickets
  • Best Price
  • Discounts
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Finding Home Stay

Airbnb is the epitome of sharing economy. It is known fact many people prefer homestays to hotels. This is the reason such apps are growing in popularity. And developing such app have their own rewards from achieving download numbers to seeking investors’ interest to generating ROI.

  • Quick Search
  • Search Optimized
  • Search Filter
  • Contact Host
  • Cancellation
  • Fast Checkout

Case Studies: Our live projects fantasizing the app world

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