Wallet app development

Custom mobile wallet solutions for all types of payments

Our developers have the potential to create fully secured digital wallet app development services for various platforms like iOS, Android and Wearables which assist in brisk online transactions.

Our mobile wallet services

When it comes to mobile wallet app development, we provide our clients with a cluster of services as mentioned below.

Custom mobile wallets

We develop customized mobile wallet applications that have all your required features. We develop wallets for loyalty card tracking, digital ID management and receipt generation.

Cryptocurrency wallet

We build bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets that help you in purchasing, liquidating, trading, and as a hardware wallet to store bitcoins offline.

Mobile wallets for merchants

We build digital wallet apps with features like Automated clearing house interface (ACH), invoice generation, and cost-splitting allowance.

Prepaid wallet

We develop prepaid wallets that are issued to you by various banks and companies. We develop all the three types of prepaid wallet viz. closed, semi-closed, and open wallet.

Mobile wallet design

We create UI & UX for native as well as cross-platform apps. The designs consist of push notifications, social media functionality, and multi-card management.

Mobile Wallet Integration

We add mobile wallet functionality to applications with the help of open-source APIs. We offer third-party wallet integrations from Apple Pay, Google Wallet, MasterPass etc.

How we empower the POS payments

We make the POS payments safe and quick by employing five methods which are mentioned below.

  • NFC (Near Field Communication)

    Swift and secure wireless transactions between the NFC empowered phone and the POS device’s transmitter.

  • Bluetooth and iBeacon

    iBeacon is a Bluetooth wireless technology that enables quick transfer of payments without swiping the card.

  • QR codes

    We increase the security and efficiency of your payment infrastructure with the help of QR codes.

  • Payment apps

    These apps serve as a great alternative to cash payment as they are quick, secure, and easy-to-use.

How it works

Working of mobile wallet application is not complex. Below are the steps which shows how does a mobile wallet app works.


Register and add your bank account

The first step is to register in the app and connect the bank account which will be used for your wallet transactions.


Request & transfer funds to your contacts

Send and receive money to all your contacts at anytime and anywhere with utmost convenience and security.


Recharge and pay bills

Apart from transferring funds to your friends, you can instantly recharge and pay your phone & tv and other bills.


Get notifications for new offers

Receive notifications of various offers that include promotional offers, cashback offers, and loyalty offers.


Pay bills at connected shopping centers

You can pay bill at stores and shopping centers that have tied up with the wallet app. They could also provide some offers.

Mobile wallet apps make the payment easy

Our mobile wallet apps offer our customers with a convenient, swift, and secure mode of payment. It has several features which makes this app even more desirable for the customers. These features are mentioned below.


User can register through several social media apps and email

Authorize bank account

User can register their bank account for instant transactions

Add balance

User can add balance in their account for transactions

Check balance

User can view all the incoming & outgoing cash flows

Money transfer

Transfer money to any user by entering their account details

Bill payments

Pay all your bills with your registered bank account

Offer reminders

User can see offers and redeem points while making transactions

Invite friends

Users can invite their friends to send and receive funds

Transaction history

The user can view past transactions with advance filters

Split bills

This feature helps the customers to split bills among friends.

Transfer to account

Transfer your money back to the bank account from your wallet

Budgeting tool

This tool helps the user to manage their budget with ease

Merchant’s app making a vendor’s life easy

The merchant’s app offers the vendors with plethora of benefits. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced features, vendors can manage all the transactions whether big or small with utmost convenience and safety.


Receive statistics like transaction list, purchase list, and sales

Create QR code

Generate QR code to receive payments from the customers

Add products

Add various products with their price to list them on the app

EMI option

Offer EMI options to customers so that they can pay in installments

Manage customers

You will view the list of all customers and their transactions

Manage staff

Add credentials for your staff along with managing their profiles

Report & analytics

Get business insights from detailed reports and statistics

Withdraw money

Withdraw money from your wallet to the bank account


Create events for your customers by entering various details

Loyalty programs

Provide redeemable points to customers on transactions

Promotional offers

Provide discounts and cashback offers to your customers


Send notifications regarding offers and transactions

Easy-to-access admin panel

The admin panel app comes with several features which benefits the admin and helps him/her to manage customers as well as merchants. It’s an easy-to-access application with dynamic & multi-faceted functionality which deals with issues from both customers as well as the merchants.
Wallet App admin panel


Receive all the vital information on a single dashboard.

Manage users

Manage profiles & daily transactions of all the users.

Real-time analytics

Receive report & analytics of your app in real-time.

Add and block users

Admin has the sole right to reject or accept a registration request

New offers

All the offers are monitored and governed by the admin

Manage contacts

It allows the admin to manage all the retention techniques

Manage merchants

Add, delete, block, and update all your merchants’ profile


View total revenue generated with advanced filters

Manage queries

Manage & resolve all the queries of your customers & merchants

Strengthen security

Review all the security tools & features periodically

Promotional offers

Provide promotional offers to your merchants and customers

Audit management

Audit service tax, Invoice Vat, beneficiary limits and many more

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Our security measures

Being a reputed mobile wallet development company, our job doesn’t end at just the development of the app. Delivering Custom Mobile Wallet Solutions with foolproof security is our aim and achieve it by conducting below security tests.


To ensure the overall security of the app with Burrpsuite. It makes sure that all the online payments are seamless and secure.


We keep the accounts, valuable data, passwords & transactions secured with the help of Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Penetration testing

To make your mobile wallet app immune from the threats of penetration, we use exhaustive penetration testing.

Vulnerability management

We identify & eliminate all the vulnerabilities left if any with the help of vulnerability management before launching your mobile wallet app.

Application security

We conduct black box and source code review to safeguard your mobile wallet app against all the possible threats.

Soap or rest protocols

We use the Soap and rest protocols if required by the clients to boost the speed and protection of the mobile wallet.

Benefits of using our mobile wallet app

Mobile wallet apps are useful for everyone whether you’re a customer or merchant. Let’s see some of the benefits below.


Carrying a huge amount of cash with you is always difficult and scary as most of the people around you would be ogling at you. Mobile wallet comprehensively solves those issues.


All your transactions are linked to an entity that provides you with record of all the transactions made. This makes the process more transparent and easily discoverable.

Accurate payment

People usually face the problem of change with cash payment. However, with the wallet in place you can pay the exact amount without bothering over change.


Since in the wallet you can make a transaction as long as you have a connection and balance, it provides the freedom to make payments at anytime and anywhere.

Time Management

Digital wallets also help you in reminding to pay your installments on time. They have a feature which automatically sets the time and the enrolled account which is to be paid.

Secure payment

The digital wallet provides you with foolproof security. Even if someone gets your phone they might not be able to access your wallet without the password.

Industries that get benefitted by our mobilewallet solutions

We have developed mobile wallet solutions that have several applications in various industry verticals. These industry verticals are mentioned below.


Fuel Retail

Banking & Financial Industry

FMCG & E-commerce

Postal Industry

Digital currency

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