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Our white label driver app will ease your driver’s job

Bring a smile on your drivers’ faces by giving them our robust driver app that will ease all their activities right from accepting the request till dropping the customer to their destination.

Multifaceted driver app for efficient managementof all the ride requests

Our intuitive and easy-to-use driver app ensures that all the driver’s activities are carried out smoothly. It plays a major role in enhancing driver’s convenience and speed.

driver app trip fare history

Trip & fare history

Our taxi dispatch system’s driver app allows all your drivers to view the history of their past trips and fares. The driver can view the duration, location, and fare of all its previous rides which keeps them aware of their earnings.

  • Check trip history
  • Check fare for each trip
  • Total earnings made till date
  • Filter earnings by weeks and months
driver app start a trip with a single tap

Start a trip with a single tap

The best part of our taxi dispatch software’s driver app is that your drivers can start the trip with just a single tap on the mobile. No tedious or complicated processes to follow, just tap on the phone and the app will start to calculate the fare and initiate the ride.

  • Single tap to start the trip
  • Fare calculation
  • Pick-up & drop-off location on the screen
  • Simplified process
driver app easy dropping off

Easy dropping off

Once the driver reaches the drop-off location, the off-boarding begins. In this the total amount of fare gets displayed on the phone with just a single click on both driver’s as well as the passenger’s app. The customer then makes the payment through its selected mode of payment.

  • Convenient off-boarding
  • Click on the “end trip” to complete the trip
  • Fare is displayed on both the apps
  • Rider makes the payment in either cash or digitally
driver app comprehensive trip details

Comprehensive trip details

Once the rides get completed, the driver app displays comprehensive trip details like total distance traveled, total duration, and the total fare. This information is useful for both driver as well as the passenger.

  • The driver’s app calculates the fare
  • App lets the driver know about the mode of payment
  • Drivers can report for any kind of discrepancy
  • App shows comprehensive trip details
driver app digital payments

Digital payments

Usually drivers face the problems of change in cash payments which causes loss of time and energy. Our driver’s app provides your drivers to accept payments digitally. Payments can be made either digitally or by card or wallet.

  • Digital payments
  • Save time
  • Promotes transparency
  • Avoid confusion
driver app navigation system

Navigation system

The driver app of our robust taxi dispatch system is incorporated with the cutting-edge navigation system. The navigation system consists of GPS which enables your drivers to track the user’s location in real-time.

  • Real-time tracking of user’s location
  • Find alternate routes
  • Get traffic information on each route
  • Precise and accurate service

Increase your customer base with our Taxi dispatch software

Our driver application has all the features and functionalities that will make your driver’s job easy!

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Why a white label driver app?

White-label solutions are products which are ready-made, tried, and tested by the experts. Due to which it provides you with several benefits which are mentioned below.

Lower Set-up cost

White-label solution allows you to get rid of investments in hiring, testing, research, and design with a one-time installation charge or a monthly subscription package.

Save your time

One of the major advantages of white-label application are that it provides you a market-ready solution. Whereas, the custom-built solution is not market-ready.


White-label solution also saves you from the maintenance woes. It’s because the company providing you the solution also provides you with periodic maintenance services.

Our taxi dispatch solution case studies

We have made our mark by delivering top-notch solutions for taxi dispatch systems in past many years. Below are the case studies of few of the solutions which are a testimony to our hard work. They show our journey of accomplishing all the challenges that we faced while development.





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