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Book, ride, and pay effortlessly with our white label taxi booking app

Get ahead of all your competitors and attract new customers by enhancing your taxi booking experience with an intuitive passenger app of our next gen Taxi dispatch solution

Intelligent and innovative passenger app forfirst-class riding experience

Our robust taxi dispatch software’s passenger app makes the process of taxi booking swift, easy, efficient, and convenient.

passenger app enter destination

Enter destination

Our intelligent taxi dispatch software automatically detects your passenger’s location. The rider has to just enter his/her destination. Once the details are entered, the system would soon assign the nearest available driver for the ride.

  • Search assistance for your destination
  • Estimated fare for your ride
  • Get estimated time of arrival
  • Get route details
passenger pin location

Pin or save location

Our passenger’s app helps you to get rid of entering the address of places you regularly commute by saving or pinning the location. This feature saves your time and makes the booking process more swift and uncomplicated.

  • Pin/save location you regularly visit
  • Rename pinned locations
  • Book your cabs quickly
  • Get routes for pinned locations
passenger select car type

Select Car Type

Allow your customers a range of services to choose from. You can list all these vehicle types in your passenger’s application. Your customers can choose any vehicle type ranging from a long luxurious car model, small model, or a compact mini cooper.

  • Select any cab service type of your choice
  • See cab type options in the app slider
  • See rates for each service type
  • Select your preferred service type to proceed
passenger app real time tracking

Real-time tracking

With our taxi booking software’s robust passenger application your customers can track the driver’s location in real-time. This allows the customers to know exactly when and where the driver will come to pick them up.

  • Track your driver’s location
  • Have a look at your driver’s route
  • Get to know the exact ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • Easy passenger onboarding
Get to know your driver min

Get to know your driver

With our robust taxi dispatch system, your customers can know a lot about their drivers who are assigned to pick them up. Your customers get to know details like driver’s name & look, vehicle’s brand, color, and number plate.

  • The app displays driver’s name and photo
  • Passengers can track their driver’s location
  • Passengers can view their driver’s average rating
  • Passengers can text or call their driver
passenger easy payment

Multiple mode of payment

Offer your customers with a plethora of payment options. With our online taxi booking system, your customers can pay via cash, card, and wallets. This variety of payment options helps you to attract customers that have various payment mode preferences.

  • Go cashless or pay with cash
  • Select payment gateway of your choice
  • Pay with wallet apps
  • Get an invoice
passengers app rate review

Rate & review your driver

With our taxi booking software you can give power to your customers to rate & review their drivers as per the service. They can rate the drivers on the scale of 1-5, where 1 means worst and 5 means best.

  • Rate the drivers on their performance.
  • Riders can also write their reviews of the ride.
  • Drivers can rate customers too
  • Identify the top-performing drivers.

Book your rides effortlessly!

Make your customers’ ride easy with our next-gen automated taxi dispatch software.

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Why you must go for a white label passenger app?

Our white-label taxi dispatch systems are ready-made solutions that are tried and tested by experts. White-label solutions provide you with a plethora of benefits and some of which are mentioned below.

Lower installation cost

Avoid various investments in research, design, testing, hiring developers, designers, and business development specialists with one-time setup charge of a white-label solution.

Save your time

White-label app saves your time as you can get a tried and tested product which is readily available for the market which is not possible in the case of a custom-built app.


With a white-label solution in hand, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance as all the maintenance services are provided by the company on periodic basis.

Case studies of our various taxi solutions

For the past several years we have worked for many clients and have delivered them with robust and customized taxi dispatch solutions. Below are the case studies of these taxi solutions which describes the challenges that we encountered and how we overcame them.





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