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A renowned startup company offering a digital product for lean management supports companies that are implementing strategies and management systems. Just some passwords like six sigma, lean management, or Hoshin Kanri. When having a lot of projects and tasks to handle, the company helps get the best overview, streamline the process, and ensure your projects and tasks are successful.

The client came to us to have this unique idea built up from scratch. With the aim of automating and accelerating the internal project management tool for his own company, he also had a broader concept to help other organizations as well and help them save their time, reduce unwanted costs, and become more productive. He wanted us to design a user-friendly interface, create smart features with a powerful backend, and support scalable servers that can respond to any amount of traffic in real time.

Team Members


Months of Project delivery time


The Challenge

  • Build a file explorer feature with the same look and feel, and functionality as it has in Windows explorer.
  • Implement the strategy deployment feature (Hoshin Kanri) to ensure the company’s strategic goals drive progress.
  • Upgrade existing KPI-Aggregation feature with advanced functionality in the software.
  • Design a strategy breakdown feature with an intuitive interface that breaks down strategies into small pieces.
  • Add a feature that allows downloading the PDF version of the X-Matrix.
  • Implement a Kanban board that is flexible, user-friendly, and easy to use for users.

The Solution

  • Designed the feature from scratch, used Flex UI library, and implemented a file explorer component that looks and works like a windows file explorer.
  • Understood the Hoshin Kanri concept in detail, wrote codes with logic, used Breakthrough Objectives, Interval Objectives, Initiative, and Sub-Initiative objects and merged with the system.
  • Upgraded the KPI to the latest version and implemented new functionality that feeds the items above automatically.
  • Crafted a user-centric interface and implemented architecture that breaks down the strategies into pieces and helps the user make an informed decision.
  • Used JsPdf, an open-source library and html2Canvas that provide the right format to users for the jsPDF to convert, generate PDF documents and allow download.
  • Used 3rd party library - syncfusion-kanban, and applied customization that allows organizations to manage work at a personal or organizational level.

Technology stacks we employed to a next-gen eCommerce platform

We utilized a variety of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to develop lean management software, including:


Angular, .Net Core


MS SQL Server


C#, .Net 6.0, Angular 12.2.0, NgRx 12.5

Libraries & Packages

Syncfusion, Quartz, Transloco, Ngx-loading-bar

Tools & Utilities

NPM, TS, NX, Trello, SourceTree, Postman, GitHub

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