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Our software development team
brings innovative ideas to life

We build software
that are scalable and reliable
in all work environment

We enable startups and enterprises to leverage our software development centers which assist in transforming their ideas into successful solutions. Boost your development capabilities by outsourcing mobile and web development to our dedicated developers.

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Let our dedicated team
take the responsibility

What we do

Our software development center provides you with the best resources, expertise, and technological assistance.

  • Upgrade your engineering capacity
  • Employ global development work standards and etiquettes.
  • Utilize cutting-edge technologies and tools
  • Maintains transparency throughout the project development

What you can do

Our dedicated software development team enables you to do many things which were earlier not possible.

  • Cut additional costs
  • Increase the speed of delivery
  • Access expertise that is not available in-house
  • Solely focus on your business objectives

We have dedicated developers
For all technologies

No matter what technology you’re working on, we have a pool of extremely skilled and experienced dedicated developers that possess expertise in all the major technologies. Over the years these dedicated developers have successfully built solutions based on these various technologies.


Our dedicated AngularJS specialists are reputed and experienced in building scalable, flexible, and interactive web and mobile applications and designs.

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Our dedicated developers leverages the ReactJS technology to creates intuitive and interactive web and mobile applications that cater to your business needs.

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Hire our on NodeJS experts who offer a wide range of services like NodeJS API development and integration to custom NodeJS application development.

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Our on-demand developers leverage the modern tooling, server-side rendering, and supporting libraries of VueJS to build high performing applications.

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Hire our experienced and qualified dedicated .Net developers to develop unique and custom enterprise solutions that can boost your business’ growth.

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Hire our skilled and dedicated Python developers and leverage their experience in various technologies like Web2py, Flask, Django, and machine learning.

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Awards, accolades, recognition
received by Peerbits

Over the years, we have helped countless startups and enterprises by providing them with software development centers that have produced some top-notch solutions. Our incessant high-class work has also received many awards and recognition which are shown below.

Our clients
Over the years

Over the years, Peerbits has assisted enterprises across the globe by delivering them with top-notch customized IT solution. These solutions have to turn out to be a business milestone for all our clients. Have a look at some of our satisfied clients.


On-demand app for fuel delivery

Book and refill your vehicle in a jiffy

iOS Android

This application provides comprehensive fuel services to customers in a few cities of UK. No matter where you are: home, office, gym, or anywhere else, simply make a fuel order from your app and refill your vehicle at your convenience. It’s easy, fast, and secure.

The application has many advance features, like live tracking of the delivery person, meter reading, and many more. The user can also order in advance for fuel. It also has a feature which executes the payment only once the driver finishes the order.


Web application for OOH advertising

Managing OOH advertising made easy


This web application provides services for advertisement posters, frames, and billboards. This web application serves as a common portal for all the internal workers as well as the customers. The purpose of the web application is to ease the admin’s job of managing various functions in a single app.

The admin can manage the job list, assets, service requests, NFC tags, and many other functions on a single app. Apart from this, the admin can also view the total number of jobs which are approved and unapproved.


Holistic restaurant management app

Multi-faceted app for restaurant management system

iOS Android

We built a multi-faceted restaurant management app which would assist restaurant owners, employees and customers all at the same time. The restaurant management app has three applications. Customer Loyalty App, it notifies customers of rewards and discounts.

Kitchen and E-menu App which informs chefs and waiters for every new order. Job Seekers and Restaurant Owner App which helps restaurant owners to find the jobseekers. It is a job portal for all who wants to work in the hotel industry.

Get a glimpse of our work

All our case studies describe all the important aspects of a solution like its idea, design, and features. It also mentions the challenges that we faced and how we overcame with appropriate solutions.

Blogs, news, and insights
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We at Peerbits are technology freaks and we are passionate about discussing the latest technologies and its applications all over the world. We regularly write blogs related to the field of technology. So, don’t miss out on our insightful write-ups.

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