Posted: June 1, 2011

Effective Date: June 1, 2011

Security of our client’s rights is our first liability.

Since we all are in outsourcing or offshore development industry working in anonymity due to geographical distances. Our familiarity level is nearly zero. Therefore, it is imperative to have some measures at all levels to keep privacy and security for the offshore clients’ sensitive information, data, and intellectual property rights. In due course, like other reputed web and mobile development companies, Peerbits also has charted a solid privacy policy to assure its clienteles against any unwanted consequences.

First Level—NDA

When any new and prospective client approaches us and is showing her interests in working with us or takes our services, we assure her by offering a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signing for the privacy of her personal as well as project related information, app concept/idea in particular.
Hereby we abide:

  • For security of the data collected from the client
  • Citing clear reasons to collect the particular data.
  • Explaining that where and when that data would be used.
  • To whom these data would be disclosed and not
  • Risk level for their data like data lose or manipulation, etc.

Second Level—Data Security

As stated earlier we are liable to secure your data at every level therefore:

  • We use secure paths to access data from the clients and stored in safe and restricted places and in computers.
  • Our all systems and software highly protected with firewalls and installed with anti-virus software from the trusted vendors.
  • We have kept our premises secure as none can enter or exists without our permissions and checking for any theft. Our systems are frequently audited for the security.
  • We restrict access of the administrator interface through specifying IP addresses so unauthorized access is nil.
  • We always encrypt data of our clienteles and place them in secure database of our secure servers.

Third Level—NDA for Staff

Our recruitment process is par excellent and standard one in this industry because:

  • We take a written agreement according to our local and international laws to protect the intellectual property rights of our clients at every level while working with us as well as after leaving our company at any point.
  • Thus, we prohibit the discloser of any proprietary information directly or indirectly in any form outside the company or designated team within company.
  • We punish harshly who plays with the sensitive data of the company or our clients by theft, destroy or manipulation.
  • We cover technical as well as non-technical staff under this NDA
  • We even prohibit the exchanges of data or information between the various teams of the developers within our own company therefore, we abide our project managers and team leaders for that.

Fourth Level—Physical Security

Since natural and artificial disasters can destroy or harm the data and information, we have taken some concrete steps of preventions like:

  • Adequate provision of security staff to forbid the unauthorized access in the lab/premises.
  • Our premises have licensing from local bodies against the safety measures taken during and after construction to save from accidental damages and probable natural disasters like fire, flood, electricity failure, and others.
  • In due course, we have latest fire alarms, fire hydrants, emergency sirens and other safety equipment in our labs/premises.

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