Project Description

An App that provides cross-border money transfer and remittance services

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Peerbits has developed an app for our client in Philippines which is a pioneer in the Overseas Filipino Workers’ remittance industry in Hong Kong and Macau. This app facilitates easy transfer of money across the borders. It offers vast range of money transfer services such as door to door delivery, bank transfer, and pick-up services.

Our client also has collaborations with various stores across Hong Kong which increases their reach. This makes the worker’s job easy as they no longer have to wait in the long queues. Moreover, the stores can fill the wallet balance of the workers. The app is bilingual, i.e., it is available in English as well as in Tagalog language.


The major challenge that all the Filipino workers in Hong Kong and Macau faced was of money transfer to their friends and family in Philippines. Earlier the whole process was offline. They had to visit to the nearest stores to submit their amount. This amount took several days to reach their beneficiary in the Philippines.


With our mobile application in place, all the process became online. Now, any user can send remittances quickly and easily. The user can opt for different services like pickup, bank, and door to door services. In the door to door services the employee will go to your beneficiaries’ address to complete the transfer of money.

Moreover, with the mobile app in place, the customer can view and manage their beneficiaries. They can also have a look at the history of all transactions. The best part is that the customers have to no longer be a part of never-ending queues.

Transfer money

Transfer money

This app allows you easy and quick transfer of money across the borders to your friends and family via various methods viz. cash, bank transfer, and stores.

My profile

Manage your profile by filling important details about you along with uploading your picture, which acts as your identity in the app.

Manage beneficiaries

You can manage all your beneficiaries directly from the app. All you need to do is select beneficiary, write the purpose for sending money, select delivery method, enter the amount, and select delivery option.

Pay loans

Pay loans

Apart from sending funds you can also pay for your friends’ and family’s loan. Your money will act as an installment for the loan.

Nearby stores

It becomes difficult for everyone to come at our client’s office to transfer funds. So, our client collaborated with many stores where you can perform the same function without any hassles.


Your phone will receive instant notifications, as soon as your money gets transferred to your beneficiary across the border.



The app helps in keeping track of all the funds transferred as you can view the history of all the transactions that has been made from your account.

Support & Help

If you’ve any query or issue regarding the services then you can directly go to the support & help section where all your doubts and queries will be clarified.

Technology Stack




.Net Core



google map Database



Google Analytics

oauth IdentityServer4


Firebase Crash Reporting


Cryptography for API security

AES 128


This app got a huge response from all the Filipino workers currently staying in Hong Kong and Macau who regularly transfer their money to Philippines.

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