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A digital fintech solution provider offering advanced digital payment solutions - digital wallet, prepaid card, agency banking, international remittance, eKYC, scan & thru, and more to banks, fintech, MTOs, NBFCs, Telcos, and other businesses. A platform that drives financial inclusion & a cashless system with API-driven & secure white-label solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

The Challenges

  • Deploying the application on-premise teams transitioning to DevOps practices
  • Managing hardware & infrastructure on-site - setting up servers, networking equipment, and ensuring compatibility with existing systems
  • Extensive manual intervention for updates, maintenance, & scaling led to slower deployment cycles and increased risk of errors
  • Managing Disaster Recovery (DR) and Data Center (DC) operations effectively
  • Coordinating updates and changes across distributed environments while minimizing downtime and maintaining data integrity
  • Integrating vulnerability checks into CI/CD pipelines and automation workflows
  • Security threats in managing data center and disaster recovery operations or working in cloud environments
  • Having comprehensive monitoring solutions in place to track the performance of the infrastructure, applications, and services in real-time

The Solution

  • Containerization technologies like Kubernetes provide a lightweight and portable approach to deploying applications on-premise
  • Encapsulating applications and their dependencies in containers to achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and resource utilization
  • Hybrid cloud solutions to extend on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, enabling seamless integration and scalability
  • Implementing CI/CD pipelines automates the build, testing, and deployment processes
  • Automated replication mechanisms to replicate data and configurations between primary and secondary data centers seamlessly
  • Active-active data center configurations to distribute workloads and resources across multiple data centers simultaneously
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions augment on-premise DR capabilities to achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness
  • Automated vulnerability scanning tools help identify security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across the infrastructure and applications
  • Integrating security testing into the CI/CD pipeline to identify and address vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle
  • Conducting threat modeling exercises helps identify and prioritize potential security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Implementing robust access controls and enforcing the principle of least privilege helps limit the exposure of sensitive resources & data to unauthorized users
  • Intelligent alerting and notification systems help prioritize and respond to critical events or anomalies effectively

Key features

  • Infrastructure Automation

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and configuration management tools to automate provisioning, configuration, and management tasks on-premise and cloud.

  • Disaster Recovery Orchestration

    Ensure the resilience of data center and disaster recovery operations by utilizing automated replication and continuous monitoring solutions.

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

    CI/CD pipelines automate development, testing, and deployment processes, for both on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Security Automation and Orchestration

    Automate vulnerability scanning, security monitoring, and incident response enhancing the overall security posture and resilience of systems and applications.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Alerting

    Comprehensive monitoring and intelligent alerting systems collect, analyze, and visualize key metrics and performance data for proactive issue identification & resolution.


  • Improved Deployment Efficiency
  • Enhanced Resilience and Availability
  • Strengthened Security Posture
  • Improved Operational Visibility
  • Increased Collaboration and Efficiency

Tech stacks we used


Docker. & Kubernetes


MySql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis

Deployment tool

GitHub actions

Montinoting tool

Prometheus & Grafana

Logging tool




Streaming tool

Kafka & zookepper

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