Peerbits is rejoiced to share the latest success story of developing a real-time tracking application. This application helps you to track your assets, pets, vehicle, and people in real-time by getting their live location on the app. All you have to do is put a small tracker device on your asset or pet that you want to track and connect it with the application using the Bluetooth or IMEI.

Once connected, the application will show the location history and activities of the tracker. The application will also alert the user if any of the assets enters or leaves the geofence created by them.

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The Challenge

The journey of building this tracker app was one of a roller coaster as we faced a number of challenges while developing it. The first challenge was to establish a connection between a mobile and an external device. Here we also had to ensure that apart from establishing the connection there should also be a proper execution of the functions in the device.

The second challenge was to create a polygon-shaped geofence on the map as geofence is in usually in the circular shape. The third challenge was to come up with a feature with which a user can swap and change the tracking device of the assets with a simple drag and drop gesture.

The Solution

To overcome the first challenge of connecting mobile to the external device we used third party Bluetooth library called bluetoothgatt which enabled seamless connection and proper execution of functionality across the external devices.

To create a polygon geofence on the map we had to put a separate layer and use the map’s functionality of drawing lines to create a 5 point polygon geofence. We resolved the third challenge by creating a drag and drop feature for asset and tracker swapping by using a third-party library called drag list view.

Key features

Real-time tracking

This feature helps the users to track all their assets, vehicles, pets, and people in real-time. All they have to do is put the tracker on the object which has to be tracked and connect it with the app.

Setting up geofence

Users can set their own customized geofence for their home, workplace, and any other place. The 5 point polygon geofence makes it easy for users to create a complex and customized geofence.

Finding my device

Users can find their lost device by either turning on its light or requesting a beep sound from the mobile’s Bluetooth or via a web application.

Geofence alert notifications

With this feature in place, the user will receive alert notifications whenever his assets move in or move out of the predefined geofence.

Device Activity

This feature shows the device’s activity like how much distance it travelled or for how long it was at rest. This data is shown in a date-wise & time-wise manner in the graphical form.

Automatic distress notification

With this feature, the user will receive automated distress notifications or alerts in the case if an asset is moving in a dangerous or unnatural way.

Tools & technologies
that we used in this project

We used a number of latest and state-of-the-art tools and technologies to complete this project. Few of these technologies are mentioned below:


Swift, Java





Network Request


Crash Reports


Image caching

KingFisher, SDWebImages

Design architecture

Auto layout



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