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Make your switch to the cloud super easy & efficient. Our expert cloud migration services offer smoother moves, minimal downtime enhanced operational capabilities, and data security. Our end-to-end custom support for migration, modernization & re-architecturing delivers winning outcomes. So, take your business to newer heights with our complete cloud migration solutions.

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We transition your infrastructure and applications to the cloud with our reliable cloud migration services. Our experts juice out all the benefits of cloud technology by processing migration with minimal disruption, optimal performance, and improved cost efficiency.

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Give your rugged legacy systems a spark of energy with our cloud migration services. Here we modernize your applications to optimize performance, security, and cloud-native capabilities.


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Frequently asked questions

There's no one perfect answer for it. Our cloud migration experts suggest a strategy can be personalized to the client’s specific needs. Further, it is their choice to migrate the entire IT infrastructure for maximum scalability and agility or selectively migrate specific applications like high-traffic websites, or resource-intensive applications that take larger space over on-premise servers. Our cloud migration experts though help you in both and recommend the most suitable approach.

The timeline for a cloud migration project depends on the complexity of the IT infrastructure, the number of applications being migrated, and the desired level of customization by the client. Peerbit’s cloud migration services provide a personalized estimate after a thorough assessment of your specific needs. However, it typically ranges from a few weeks for simple migrations to several months for complex environments.

The cost of cloud migration varies based on the factors mentioned above. However, cloud migration services prove beneficial in terms of long-term savings, outweighing the initial migration costs, which might sound expensive initially. At Peerbits, we manage flexible pricing models that allow you to pay only for the resources you use.

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