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Disruptive growth and impact of IoT in web development

No matter the programming language, CMS or front-end software you work with, chances are that web development..

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A complete guide on how to build a peer-to-peer payment app

Raise your hands if you think you’re living in an awesome world today! With digital revolution changing almost every..


How to supercharge your OOH sales with automation software

Technology has played a huge role in disrupting industries. May it be a taxi industry, eCommerce, or any other sector..


How last mile delivery optimization can boost your logistics & supply chain business

The term ‘last-mile delivery’ was originally came from telecommunications companies where the last-mile..

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Fixed-price vs time & material vs dedicated team: which engagement model to choose?

To choose a correct engagement model for your project is one of the most critical things which must figure out soon...

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Why you must go for android first development

There are two mobile operating systems that really matter nowadays, Android and iOS. There was a time when iOS enjoyed..