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What is GDPR and what app developers should know about it?

Over 55% of all mobile apps may still not be compatible with the new European GDPR...

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Logistics Providers: Embrace IoT to get First Mover Advantage

The Internet of Things, or IoT as it’s popularly known, is proving to be one of the strongest disruptors in tech so far...


What features and changes Google brings to Android P?

Everybody expected Android P to come in mid-march but Google amazed everyone and just released it unexpectedly..


Google I/O 2018 marks a new era for IoT devices with new Google Assistant capabilities

If Google I/O 2017 was all about Google’s restructuring effort and the resonance of artificial intelligence brewing..


Why Vue.js is a growing sensation among international development community?

So Vue.js is the new JS framework in town. The framework promises to rock our world with its smart....

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What are the areas of concerns Uber for X startups must address in the year 2018?

When Uber came, taxi businesses were left with two options: adapt or perish.