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Angular 7 – what are the new improvements and features?

We have awaited this moment since weeks, but now the Angular 7 is finally here, packed with exciting new features that have..

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PHP end of life: its impacts & ways to deal with it

All things come to an end, be it good or bad. This fact is relieving and terrifying at the same time as we want the bad things..

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A comprehensive guide on agile methods for modern software development

Project management is not particularly an easy task. And since there are excess number of methodologies available to choose from..

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A complete guide on how to expand your native app to a web app

Evolution is a crucial aspect of our lives. A person today isn’t the same as he was yesterday. Similarly, he won’t be the same tomorrow too..

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Complete guide for on-demand laundry app development: must have features

Gone are the days when people question, “Why do I need a mobile app for something that is already well-managed?” Today On-demand..


How will Uber-Careem deal affect the start-up ecosystem in MENA region?

If you’re an entrepreneur or someone who likes to keep himself updated, then you must’ve followed an almost decade long journey of on-demand..