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Focus on what matters - code, not servers. Our DevOps expertise combines various servelesss architecture tools & techniques for scalable, cost-effective serverless solutions.

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DevOps serverless architecture services we offer

Our DevOps experts execute your code on-demand, eliminating server provisioning and scaling concerns. Further, you can also manage your application's data securely with a variety of options and acquire more control in container orchestration for stateful applications with our reliable serverless architecture solutions.

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Our company has highly experienced developers of AWS Lambda for serverless computing, enabling scalable and cost-effective execution of code without managing servers.


We specialize in serverless database solutions, offering scalable and efficient data management with AWS services like DynamoDB, Aurora, Elasticache & more.


Utilizing AWS Fargate, we deliver seamless serverless container orchestration, optimizing resource utilization and simplifying deployment workflows.


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Frequently asked questions

Startups can benefit from serverless architecture for cost efficiency, and scalability, and get to focus more on core features without worrying too much about infrastructure management. However, it is suitable for any other large or small-scale business seeking to simplify its complex infrastructure.

Majorly in the case of on-premises servers or EC2 instances, users are not able to utilize their entire compute capacity. Studies have shown that users utilize only 10-20% of their EC2 capacity at any given moment due to high availability and Disaster Recovery needs. Whereas, in serverless architectures like Lambda on-demand compute model, you pay per request and duration reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as many networking, security, and DevOps tasks are included in the service cost. That’s how you save big with serverless architectures.

Our DevOps experts at Peerbits, suggest one should choose serverless architecture for event-driven, scalable applications and monolith architecture for simpler structures requiring integrated control and development ease.

Serverless offers scalability, cost efficiency, automatic scaling, reduced operational overhead, and focus on business logic over infrastructure management.

Yes, entire applications can run serverless. Use our best serverless architecture services that utilize AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and S3 offering scalable, event-driven architectures for your businesses.

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