Project Description

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A tinder-like job searches app

Introducing an interactive, tinder-like way to apply for the job. Apply is an engaging mobile app for the job-seekers as well as for the employers to participate in a job search activity resourcefully.

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Designing Interactive app for higher engagement

While designing for the ‘Apply’ mobile app, user engagement was our topmost priority. Creating an interactive, tinder-like, swipe-able job search application is something that can engage youth at a higher level. And perhaps, this is the reason why we built a mobile job portal for the job seekers in a way that keep coming for more.

While one set out to design tinder-like mobile application, it is important to understand the user requirements as well. Applicants can create their profile by updating all the necessary details along with their photographs to maximize the conversions on the application.

We went on to shape up this project in best possible way by integrating social media signups like Facebook and LinkedIn to strengthen user profile. And being a tinder like job search platform, we integrated all the possible tinder elements that contribute to the usability of Apply app.

Goals & objectives

1Resume uploading space for job-seekers
2Registering company profile
3Global platform for employees and employers
4Job posting platform for companies
5Matching and shortlisting candidates
6Filtering candidates and companies of interest

Creating Apply logo that complements brand identity

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It is the brand logo that defines its identity. When we set out to design Apply’s logo, the brief was clear and precise. A logo that provokes users by incorporating office elements. We embraced the brief to blend tie and paperclip in designing Apply’s logo:

  • The main idea and function behind the logo: To let people clearly identify what the app is about.
  • The target audience: college students, and youngsters looking for a job.
  • Design persona: simple, intuitive and vibrant design that communicates and connect to the target audience.
  • The app’s name: Apply; an action driven brand name that provokes users.

Apply! Sometimes applying for a job involves a too much of complex process. We thought of introducing a fun-filled manner to apply for a job in a way that it interests potential job seekers and keep them coming for more.

apply brand col

To make a vibrant job search mobile application, we filled the app with colors that harmonize application’s offerings. We kept shades of green and blue as primary colors that reflect positive attitude (green) and corporate identity (blue).

For the secondary colors, red was fumed with the purpose of negative activity like a rejection of the application, swiping left, and reporting an issue within the application.

Interactive features for maximum retention

apply job posting feature

Employer’s web-based job posting interface

Employers are assigned with a unique backend interface that lets them post job requirement. Once posted, it goes live on the app for prospective candidates.

The job posting was made easy as full control is given in the hands of the employer on the backend itself. Job posting portal gives all the necessary fields to fill in the job requirement and other relevant job details.

apply feature 2

User profile – login as company

A hiring agency or a company itself can register with Apply mobile app to search potential candidates for the required vacancies. When a user logs in as a company, plenty of relevant details such as company name, industry, size, and other information are required to be verified.

Once the verification is successful, the company can post job requirement from the web-based interface. As a user, company’s representative or HR can manage the application in searching the right candidates for the job.

apply feature 3

User profile – login as a job seeker

A job seeker can simply sync his/her LinkedIn or Facebook profile to log in. Once logged in, the candidate is expected to update their profile and upload a resume to strengthen their candidature for the job application.

Once logged in as a job seeker, candidates can simply go through the jobs posted by employers and swipe them right if interested. This app works same as tinder, such that the user can swipe left if it doesn’t interest them.

A simple swipe right is matched when employer too swipes right for the candidate. Once matched, just as same as Tinder, both the involved entities can chat in messages.

apply feature 4

Filtering candidates search

Employers who post a job can filter candidates on the basis of their profile strength and minimum matched requirements.

Employers can filter candidates by simply swiping right to consider them and filter out the same based on their criteria such as expected salary, academic credentials, relevant experience, and so on.

apply feature 5

Matches – candidate and company accept the request

A candidate and company both hold an equal chance to view each other’s profile. While tinder matches a date, Apply matches the applicant with a suitable job and company, on the other hand, gets hold of the right candidate.

Shortlisted candidates are stocked up at one place for the company’s representative to communicate with a shortlisted candidate with the help of chat option. It works the same way for candidates as well. The applicant can shortlist few companies which interest them.

apply feature 6

Technology stack






Volley, Glide image caching library




Facebook SDK, Linkedin SDK

Crash tracking system

Fabric (Crashlytics)

apply ui flow

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