Gas Delivery system ,

The application is a groundbreaking digital solution that has revolutionized the online shopping experience for LPG gas and energy-related services. It is designed to cater to both home and business users, enabling them to conveniently order LPG gas and access a range of services seamlessly. The application operates under the core Q concept: Quick & Quality, emphasizing ease, speed, and quality of service.

The gas application was developed for a forward-thinking vendor operating in the LPG gas and energy sector. The vendor recognized the need to provide a more efficient and user-friendly platform for customers and vendors in the industry. Their primary goal was to streamline the gas ordering process, offer live tracking features, and enhance overall customer and vendor interactions.

The Challenges

  • Establishing a unified platform for diverse user types (User, Vendor, and Driver).
  • Addressing the limited availability of gas delivery options for home and business vendors.
  • Efficiently tracking and managing different product types assigned to drivers.
  • Automating the manual order assignment process, considering driver proximity and stock availability.

The Solution

  • We incorporated user-friendly design, robust security features, and efficient logistics management. We created a common platform for users, vendors and drivers to streamline gas delivery operations. The manual order processing became automatic and it helped them optimize their operations. The application's user interface was carefully crafted to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for customers, while vendor integration was achieved through dedicated vendor portals.

Key features

Here are the key features of the gas delivery application for each user type: User, Vendor, and Rider.

  • Add Delivery Addresses : Users can save multiple delivery addresses and they get suggestions automatically, making it convenient for them to select the appropriate location for each order.

  • Place Order : Users can place orders for LPG gas on-demand, ensuring quick and hassle-free delivery. They also have the option to schedule orders for a specific time in case no driver is available at the moment.

  • Track Driver : Users and vendors can track the real-time location and progress of the assigned driver, providing them with visibility into the delivery process.

  • Chat with Driver : A chat feature allows users to communicate directly with the assigned driver, enabling them to convey specific instructions or inquire about the delivery status.

  • Order History : Users can access their order history, allowing them to review previous orders, track deliveries, and make reorders easily.

  • Add Location : Vendors can specify their locations, making it easier for customers to find and select their preferred vendors.

  • Stock Management : Vendors can efficiently manage their LPG gas stock, ensuring they have an adequate supply to meet customer demand. They can get real-time updates and inventory of the stock.

  • Rider Management : Vendors can manage their dedicated riders/drivers, assigning orders, and tracking their performance to optimize delivery operations.

  • Transaction History : Vendors can access a transaction history, allowing them to review financial transactions and track their earnings and expenses.

  • Two Types of Riders (Vendors / Freelancer) : The application supports two types of riders: those employed by vendors and freelance riders, each with specific capabilities.

  • Receive Order : Riders receive order notifications and details, enabling them to prepare for the delivery.

  • Accept / Reject Order : Riders can accept or reject orders based on their availability and workload, ensuring efficient order allocation.

  • Order Status Management : Riders can update the order status, providing real-time information to both users and vendors as the delivery progresses.


The gas delivery application has successfully transformed the LPG gas shopping experience for both customers and vendors. Some of the key outcomes include:

  • Efficient Ordering : Customers can now place orders quickly and effortlessly, improving customer satisfaction
  • Live Tracking : The live tracking feature has instilled trust and transparency in the delivery process, further boosting customer loyalty.
  • Vendor Empowerment : Vendors have experienced improved stock management and efficient delivery operations, resulting in cost savings and better service quality.
  • Driver Network : The application's integration of vendor drivers and freelance drivers has created a dynamic and flexible driver network, optimizing delivery times.
  • User Growth : The gas delivery application has attracted a growing user base, owing to its user-friendly design and efficient features.

Tech stacks we used

Mobile app

Android & iOS

Programming language

React Native


React Native & React


AsyncStorage with Redux

Tools & Utilitie

Visual Studio Code, ESLint, React Navigation, NativeBase