Gas Delivery system ,

The app is a comprehensive gas delivery platform developed to serve the needs of customers, vendors, drivers, and administrators in Oman. The platform's main objective is to streamline the process of ordering gas products, managing stock, and facilitating timely deliveries, while also ensuring efficient administrative oversight. This case study delves into the system's architecture, user experiences, and how it benefits various stakeholders.

The Challenges

  • The users should be able to track the orders.
  • Vendors required accurate stock management and assignment of orders with up-to-date genefences.
  • Admin users needed accurate gas product inventory management and commissions management options. They required an auto-payment option for the commissions earned by the drivers.

The Solution

  • Geofence-based Order Assignment : Orders are intelligently allocated to drivers based on defined geofences. This ensures efficient routing and optimized delivery assignments, improving overall delivery times.
  • Flexible Delivery Scheduling : Buyers have the flexibility to select their preferred time slots for delivery scheduling. This feature enhances customer satisfaction by accommodating their convenience.
  • Rider Order Management : Riders receive orders and have the option to 'accept' or 'pass' based on their availability and capacity. This empowers them to manage their workload effectively.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard : A centralized dashboard displays crucial statistics regarding orders and sales. It offers a holistic view of key metrics, facilitating informed decision-making for both administrators and users.
  • Automated Stock Alerts : Vendors receive automated alerts when their stock levels are nearing depletion. This proactive notification system enables timely inventory replenishment, preventing stockouts and ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Admin Earnings Transparency : An earnings dashboard specifically designed for administrators provides a transparent overview of earnings generated from each order. This fosters accountability and clarity in financial transactions.

Key features

  • Installation : Users install the app and complete mobile number verification for account access.
  • Address Selection : Users set their delivery address for accurate order placement.
  • Product Selection : The user browses a range of gas products and makes a selection based on their requirements.
  • Delivery Time : Users choose a preferred delivery time, ensuring that the delivery is convenient for them.
  • Review Order : Users can review their order, making any necessary adjustments before confirming.
  • Payment : Users have the choice of two payment methods - online payment or cash on delivery. They select their preferred option.
  • Confirmation : After confirming the order, it is sent to nearby drivers for fulfillment.

App Rider Flow

App has two types of riders: Admin and Vendor-affiliated drivers. Orders are assigned to drivers based on geofences. The rider experience includes:

  • Rider Types : Riders are categorized into Admin riders and Vendor riders. Admin riders handle deliveries independently, while Vendor riders are affiliated with specific vendors.
  • Order Assignment : Orders are assigned based on geofences, ensuring that the closest driver is dispatched to fulfill the order.
  • Fallback Mechanism : If a rider does not respond or is unavailable, the system automatically reassigns the order to the next closest rider. If no riders are available, the order is canceled.

Vendor Registration

Vendor registration is a crucial part of this ecosystem, and it involves two key steps:

  • Admin Registration : System administrators add vendors through the admin panel, initiating the vendor onboarding process.
  • Vendor Onboarding : Vendors install the App User app, log in, and gain access to a dashboard. This dashboard allows them to manage orders, products, and other essential aspects of their operations.


  • Users : Users experience convenience, choice, and timely deliveries with flexible payment options.
  • Vendors : Vendors have an efficient platform for managing inventory, orders, and delivery operations.
  • Drivers : Drivers experience optimized order assignments, reducing idle time and maximizing earnings.
  • Admins : Administrators have comprehensive control over product management and commission tracking.


  • Increased User Base
  • Improved driver availability
  • Efficient routing and delivery
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Transparent earnings tracking

Tech stacks we used

Mobile app

Android & iOS

Programming language

React Native

Back-end APIs




Admin panel