Project Description

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fuel delivery application



Peerbits has developed an on-demand fuel delivery application for its client in Australia. This application is developed for Android, iOS, and website. This on-demand fuel delivery application will serve as a platform for all the users and corporates to get fuel delivered from the truck drivers that will have trucks fully loaded with fuel.

The users can get fuel delivered to them at any place like their office, home, gym, and many others. The application also has various features which make the users’ fuel delivery experience a convenient one. This application
can also be used by corporates in which any employee can refuel their car with utmost ease.


This project was our client’s startup. They wanted to come up with a mobile application that acts as a platform for the users and corporates to order fuel for their vehicles at their desired time slot and place. They wanted to ensure that the mobile application offers all their proposed services to their customers through an easy-to-access user interface.


Developers at Peerbits assessed all these challenges and then came up with a mobile application that consisted of all the important features that made the fuel ordering and delivery convenient for both the user as well as the drivers. Moreover, we also ensured that the user interface of the application makes the process of ordering fuel utmost easy and convenient.

Select the fuel type

The application allows the user to select the fuel type. The user can select from diesel, petrol, adblue, and premium petrol.

Scheduled booking

With the scheduled booking feature, any user can book their fuel delivery in advance. They have to just mention the time and date of the delivery and the fuel would be delivered to their vehicle.

Live monitoring

This feature helps the user to monitor their driver’s progress by tracking their real-time location. This feature indicates the ETA of their fuel delivery.

Meter reading

With this feature, the users can enter the meter reading before and after the fuel filling. These readings are then used to calculate the vehicle’s mileage.

Corporate module

Corporates can also use this app to create their accounts by registering their vehicles and employees. Subsequently, the employees receive their credentials for fuel ordering.

Technology Stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Android studio

Payment Gateway



SQL Server

google map Google


Network Request


Crashlytics Crash Reports


Firebase Crash Reporting



The application turned out to be a huge success for our client. It helped them to garner many customers that continued to take benefit of their fuel-delivery service.

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