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The ultimate app for cross fit gym community enables the user to socialize within the gymming community. Aimed to solve the space bound dilemma of fitness enthusiasts, REPD app for fitness allows them to use any of the gyms near to their proximity so that they don’t miss out on their schedule.

Fabricating the brand’s DNA with a Logo

Peerbits worked to design the logo that symbolizes fitness and at the same time, represents the joy of independence associated with it. Crafting a liberating fitness logo was not an overnight task as it involved adhering to creative aesthetics of what REPD stands for – fitness, achievement, and spatial freedom.

Crafting design-driven brand identity

Post multi-faceted concept exploration, the final logo for REPD was weaved intrinsically to emboss itself upon the viewing. The GPS symbolic arrow is created inside the brand initial ‘R’ to represent the ubiquitous of the gym for REPD users.

Idea that triggered REPD

With an idea to create a coherent fitness platform, REPD was developed out of the user’s need to continue their fitness routine regardless to the space and time. This way, REPD’s roots lies in the basic need of fitness freaks – to give them access to gyms whenever they want, wherever they need. Tying up with other CrossFit gym give users the access to other gyms in their nearby areas, plotted on an integrated map.

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User experience

One of the first challenges was designing fitness-friendly UI where users can avail quick and easy information about what they are looking for. We carved a perfect, interactive interface that complements the deployed features to enhance UX.

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App features

Interactive feature

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Live feed dashboard

A Facebook-like UI that shows live news feed in the form of updates from amongst your friends and other community members at REPD.

Users can see who has checked-in where, and what kind of exercise they are doing, and even updates on their dietary and supplement intakes.

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Navigating and checking-in to CrossFit gyms

Users can check-in to their favorite gym and share these details to the REPD’s social portal. Also, users can post pictures with the registration details to let other community know about the CrossFit even better.

The in-app map is pretty helpful to track the exact location of the desired gym where users can check-in. Users can also search for particular CrossFit gym to get it located on the map. Also, user can share the location of their CrossFit profile.

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Integrated private and group chat

Stay connected with other fitness freaks by chatting with them over an app itself. Send personal messages, share tips, pictures, and other workout plans for the best results

It is now easy to form a group of other like-minded people and connect with them instantly. Add other CrossFit members over an REPD chat group to share vital information about gyms, locations, and their fitness goals.

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Manage fitness profile and database

Keep a track of gyming activities with the REPD profile. Easy to access nearby CrossFit gyms and tap the gym-specific activities along with its location, other check-ins, and schedules.

Box show keeps the track of all the user stats and presents it the best interactive way possible. Adding to user convenience is the user box show reflecting all the CrossFit details at one place.

Technology stack






AFNetworking, SDWebImage






Volley, Glide image caching library




Facebook SDK

Crash tracking system

Fabric (Crashlytics)

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Work speaks louder than words