Your idea, your way, and our efforts

We believe that the blend of creativity with simplicity can bring the serene taste of success. At Peerbits our primary focus is on simplifying things for you without compromising with our creativity. The aim is to provide you enterprise solutions that are as unique and accomplished as your plans.

Fixed budget

Pay for quality not quantity

When we say fixed budget, it implies the uncompromised standards we follow. We understand how precious your business is and how fragile the ideas. Accordingly, we implement and execute.

  • Distinct way of pricing based on your requirements
  • Liberal doors of mutual understanding through discussions
  • Following work standards to bring the best output
fix price
hourly project

Time & Material

Monetizing time with output

The flow says; listen, understand, discuss, and implement. Pay for the hours our team invested and not the project in whole. It’s just that we treasure the value of your time and your idea.

  • Pay per hour and not per project
  • Get regular updates as agreed initially
  • We believe in two-way sharing. Your idea and our suggestions

Cloud team

Different brains for different tasks

You can remotely hire a team and make sure the task completes as per your requirement. The duration will be yours while the efforts will be put by them to deliver the best.

  • A personalized team to fetch better results
  • Rounds of discussions, suggestions, and recommendations.
  • Flawless steps to bridge the gap between better and best.
cloud team