Flexible engagement models for custom made solutions

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Upscale your
Development Team

Get pre-vetted seasoned developers, project managers, SCRUM masters, and quality analysts as per your software’s technological requirements. Upgrade your in-house team with the right talents to qualify for deploying a winning product in the market.



Hire offshore developers when you want to work around with cost-benefits and technological experts not available in your area.

  • Low operational costs
  • Gain better IT infrastructure
  • Manage your short- and mid-term engagements better


Hire onsite developers to address the complicated requirements of your software and maintain it for better functionalities.

  • Higher flexibility
  • Resolve complicated requirements
  • Foster seamless communication


Opt for an offshore development center to leverage an entire team of resources to suit your company culture and product needs.

  • Overturn absence of infrastructure
  • Get a team of varied specialists
  • Gain complete control over your project


Hire Hybrid developers from Peerbits masters in Agile working method and holds the caliber to enterprise-level software.

  • Offers Flexibility
  • Boost productivity
  • No Communication barrier

Advantages of Hiring
Dedicated Team from Peerbits

Engage with the most flexible model to hire experienced developers of your choice. Peerbits have a skilled dedicated team that strives to deliver excellence and upbeat development services to every corner of the world.

  • Expand your development team with diversified experts

  • Gain cost benefits with low per-hourly charges

  • Instant access to skilled talents

  • Better control over software development

  • No hardware/software setup required

  • Access to global IT professionals

Launch your Product
at the Best Market Times

Get 100% control over your pre-defined market time with a flexible time and material model for software development. At Peerbits, we serve our clients with quality software development services for deploying competent products.

  • Long-term software development requirement
  • New niche to enter into
  • Material prices have high probability to change
  • Flexibility to change the requirement
  • Raw product concept
  • Better control over your project

Best Benefits of Time and
Material Model with Peerbits

Explore the brownie points of engaging with the time and material models. At Peerbits, we offer the highest grade of transparency and home top-notch materials for your development lifecycle.

  • Kickstart your project quickly

  • Better response to dynamic market

  • Practical testing of product with hypotheses

  • Gain high-level quality of your product

  • Complete transparency over development process

  • Product can be modified as per market sentiments

Save your Product
from Inflating Costs

Get your software developed with a precise idea/requirement at a predetermined budget to save your product from dynamicity of charges. Our technical analysts can study your business idea and provide a roadmap to achieve working software development.

  • Clear scope and development requirements
  • Small products with a limited scope
  • Development includes MVP
  • Low financial risk
  • Fixed deadline
  • Modifications are none/minimal

Pros of Opting for Fixed
Price Engagement Model with Peerbits

Take your product from idea stage to development and deployment at the best and fixed prices. We strive to offer a clear pathway to chart a seamless product development journey.

  • Fits any idea

  • Scheduled deployment

  • Less management required

  • Better predictability over the development

  • Detailed documentation to validate the scope

  • Little or no time spent on interactions

Our Toolkit to Excellence
Top Tech Stack We Opt For

No matter what technology, no matter what scale of innovation, no matter what industry, Peerbits stays at the top of evolution to deliver exceptional results for our clients across the world.

Mobile app development

Turn your Business Accessible to the Mass

Get in touch with our experts to develop a highly-performant mobile application for better outreach. We work on the latest mobile application tech stack to keep your business up and trendy.

Learn More

Frontend development

Make a Killer First Impression

Our resilient approach to building robust software hinges on our expertise in multiple frontend technologies. Get your business the appeal it deserves with Peerbits’ frontend development services.

Learn More



Backend development

Offer Seamless Function

The trust of our global clients on Peerbits finds its roots in the quality we deliver when it comes to backend development. We underpin software with the required security, scalability, and sustainability.

Database development

Break the Silos

Make the most out of your data by storing, securing, analyzing, and utilizing it for better business decisions. Peerbits is a reliable database development partner to help you optimize your software data.






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