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Augmented reality is coming to make our lives better

Modern Internets users already enjoy dozens of benefits that were hard to imagine only thirty or forty years...

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The most comprehensive guide to beacon installation and maintenance

What started as minuscule devices placed inside retail establishments today ...

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Android Oreo tightens up some screws, adds polish to Google’s platform

On a broader note, Android releases can be bifurcated into categories...

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Are chatbots revolution in the making or one already?

Joseph Weizenbaum, a professor at Massachusetts Institute...

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Finding the perfect location identifier for mobile apps: GPS Vs Beacons Vs Wi-Fi

How often do you search for nearby cafés, movie theaters or doctors on..

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iOS 11 vs. Android O: Is it still a race or we have a winner?

With both the major mobile OS makers: Apple and Android baking the next iteration of.