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Top mobile app development trends that will dominate 2019

Since the past recent years, mobile apps have been changing our lives constantly. And because of their enormous..

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Why hiring full stack developers makes more sense for MVP development

But, building even a simplest product needs finance, which is a major challenge for almost all entrepreneurs. Now of course..

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Angular 7 – what are the new improvements and features?

We have awaited this moment since weeks, but now the Angular 7 is finally here, packed with exciting new features that have..

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PHP end of life: its impacts & ways to deal with it

All things come to an end, be it good or bad. This fact is relieving and terrifying at the same time as we want the bad things..

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A complete guide on how to expand your native app to a web app

Evolution is a crucial aspect of our lives. A person today isn’t the same as he was yesterday. Similarly, he won’t be the same tomorrow too..

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10 Security issues app developers need to know while developing mobile app

Mobile applications are going at par and with this rate of growth it is necessary that mobile app developers not only look at..