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Create, search, and join various events in your locality

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Recently, Peerbits developed a mobile application that enables a user to create, search, and join various event. These events could be of music, dance, or comedy nights. It serves as a great medium to find and socialize people with common interests. The app also allows you to keep the events public or private.

The application is available on both Android and iOS. While creating the events you have to set some parameters like age, location, event category, and gender. Users can also add & follow friends from all over the globe. The app also allows the users to chat with one another and with the event admin.


Our developers faced a series of challenges while building this application. First, the client wanted to show the distance between the event’s and the user’s location. Secondly, the client wanted to come up with the privacy options for the events. Client also wanted the application to send timely reminders for the upcoming event. And lastly, it wanted an effective group chat management for better communication between the organizers and participants.


We used Google APIs to show the distance between the user and the event. To provide the privacy option, we divided the events into two types: Public & Private. We also ensured to check the database once a day for all the users to send timely reminders. We also prepared event wise group chat to facilitate seamless chatting among all the participants and between the organizer and a participant.

Create events

Users can create events of any category such as music, dance or comedy. They can either create a public or private event.

Search event

The user can search and view events around their locality. They can use filters such as distance, age, gender, and event category.

Send follow request

Users can search and make friends from all over the globe. All they need to do is send a follow request. Even organizers can send the follow requests to users and vice-versa.

My profile

You can create your own profile that will show the total number of followers, total number of events you created, attended, or got invited, and the people that you follow.


All users, whether organizers or participants can chat among each other regarding the event. It helps organizers to inform their followers about the last second changes.

Invite friends for private event

Organizers can define various criteria for their private event. Afterwards they can invite all their friends who fall under that category.

Rate, comment, and like

This app also allows all the users to share their event experiences enabling them to like, comment, and rate the overall event.

Technology Stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Android studio





google map Google


Crashlytics Crash Reports


Social SDK


Firebase Crash Reporting



The application received a huge response from the users as it provided a platform for both organizers and the users.

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