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Peerbits is extremely pleased to share our recent success in the form of an employee engagement portal app. This application helps the admin and the employees to connect, interact, communicate with each other in a fun and creative way. This application comes with all innovative features which make it easy for the management team to convey all their messages and instructions to the employees in a very efficient and seamless manner.

Not only this, but it also enables employees to communicate among each other with cool features which offer an enhanced interactive experience.

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Peerbits has delivered all our project needs well within deadlines. They works as your in-house team, we highly recommend them.


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The Challenge

There were many challenges that we faced while the course of app development. First of all, we had to collect chats belonging to different companies on Firebase platform. The challenge was to ensure that the chats and list belonging to a particular company don’t mix up with the chats of other companies.

Another challenge was to adapt and switch to the latest technology. We worked on this project for over five years. During this, we had to switch to different technologies and tools for many occasions. One such challenge was to use SDK12.

The Solution

To resolve the challenge of chats on Firebase database we researched and finally came up with the solution of Unique IDs. We created unique IDs for each company which made it simpler for us to collect chats belonging to different companies and bifurcate it efficiently to avoid any mismatch.

Also, the client replaced their inbuilt web browser UI WebView with WKWebKitView. So, we had to replace UI WebView with WKWebKitView everywhere in the application which was a massive challenge that we overcame.

Using SDK 12 was difficult as it didn’t support Xcode 10 or the lower versions. So, to fulfil that requirement we had to update in Xcode 10.1. However, Xcode 10.1 requires a minimum version of Swift 4 and our project was in Swift 3.2. So, we had to shift from Swift 3.2 to Swift 4 in order to use Xcode 10.1 which in turn enabled us to use SDK 12.

Key features

Image feeds

Users or employees can upload their images which will be visible to all other employees for the duration of 24 hours.


With this feature, Admins can assign any kind of social activity, event, or task on given time to the employees.


Employees can use this feature to play fun games that involve texts, images, and quizzes.


Admin can create a survey for employees in which he can ask questions which would have multiple options.

Short story

The employee can share short informative text content via short story feature. Other employees can either upvote or downvote it.


Employees can use innovations to directly give their suggestions. For example, suggesting some changes in the working system.

Technology stack
that we used in this project

We have used a plethora of cutting-edge tools and technologies to successfully complete this project. Some of the tools & technologies used are mentioned below:


Swift, Java



Network Request


Crash Reports


Image caching

KingFisher, SDWebImages



Design architecture

Auto layout



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