Real-time tracking and remote diagnostics


Monitor your vehicles and other valuable movable assets from a remote location on a map, get notified on your smartphone app when things go wary, and receive trip summaries at the end of a journey with the app.



Fetch real-time data of fleets

When it’s a matter of not a single fleet but fleets, there is too much data to store, manage and process for an app to acquire and display at the same time.

Customized reports from information

A continuous stream of incoming data, a vast amount of data stored already, bifurcating the data to show comprehensible reports was quite programming challenge.


Manage multiple fleets on map

For space-constrained smartphones, displaying a single fleet was already a challenge, how about more than one fleet in a single app screen!

On-board Diagnostic

The OBD device is a temper resistant, shock-proof device that can that must continually push its location to cloud server for real-time location.

Getting Started

The app can track the movement and carry diagnostic on any vehicle, stationary or moving, provided a compatible OBD2 Adapter is attached to the vehicle. The adapter empowers the app to perform fleet tracking, monitor fuel efficiency, carry remote diagnostics, etc.


On-board diagnostic and fleet tracking

The app is everything an automobile hobbyist or professional needs in an app. It lets you carry remote diagnoses and tracking of a vehicle, provided it is equipped with OBD2 adapter.

If the vehicle is a part of a fleet, you can tell an awry driver from a decent one. The app saves fuel and elongates life of your vehicles.

Watch LTS Pro in action





The app is compatible with a wide range of connect, plug ‘n play OBD2 devices. Just plug the device to the socket in your vehicle, download and link the app and you’re good to go.


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