Healthcare mobility solutions

Embracing the power of mHealthcare
for better clinical decision making

Offering comprehensive occupational solution to healthcare organizations and professionals for creating a quality healthcare environment for functioning at a competitive administrating cost, avoiding operational and monitoring hazards. We offer unmatched healthcare mobility consultancy services that aid radical technological evolution with highly polished UI design and clean coding.

Streamline clinical workflow with advanced hospital mobility

Benefit from our blend of healthcare enterprise mobility solutions, enabling hospitals to go smart with simplified processes, well-managed workforces, and inventories. Rope in the new-age mHealthcare services to augment administrative efficiencies and enhancing treatment results for improved patient gratification.

  • Electronic health records (EHRs) Product Specs Determination
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSSs)
  • Picture archiving and communication systems (PACSs)
  • Laboratory information systems (LISs)

Enhance doctor’s productivity with custom mobility consulting

Integrate efficient mHealthcare solutions for doctors to enhance their productivity and healthier, personalized consultation. Adopt the best mHealtcare technology to improve the efficiency of clinical practice by reducing the doctor–patient encounter time.

  • Patient engagement mobile apps
  • Accurate treatment monitoring
  • Secured data communication
  • Competent Disease management

Redefine Patient engagement with mobile care management

Enhanced patient-doctor communication with mobile services for improved diagnosis. Engage effective mHealthcare for patient to enable self-monitoring and expert disease prevention guidance on the go. Impart a timely virtual assistance and manage appointment records for a long term patient relationship.

  • Mobile patient engagement
  • Holistic activity supervision
  • Integrated prescription analysis
  • Patient monitoring systems

Catering pharmacists for enriched pharmacology sustenance

Leverage the adequacies of mHealtcare for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and agencies. Avail the mobile advantage for providing instant access to manifold drug information, medical reference, along with quick contraindications check for driving rapid prescriptions processing.

  • Pharmaceutical Inventory and Supply Chain Management
  • Personalized prescription assistance
  • Medicinal and financial record optimization

Benefits of adopting mHealthcare services and solutions

  • Time saving services that assures accurate treatment and timely diagnosis
  • Improved, ongoing engagement between doctors and patient to ensure optimized recovery
  • Enhancing accuracy and completeness of patient prescription and diagnosis documentation
  • Value-added mHealthcare returns portability, quick information access, storing multimedia resources, and safeguarding patient communications
  • Taking constructive, evidence-based decisions with precise disease diagnosis, and clinical decision support
  • Real time communication support within hospitals that reduces medical errors, largely related to critical care and emergencies.
  • Continuous patient care with active doctor involvement for real time disease monitoring

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