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Rodrigo Trindade

Real-estate App, Brazilian


Pedro Sarmento

ACC (Airlines) App, Portugal


Paulo Ribeiro

VP, Smartex.ai, Portugal


Piyush Prajapati

IT Manager of Hunter Express Ltd, Canada


Maher Almsalmi

CEO of Parenting App, Oman


Masoud AL Rawahi

CEO of PhazeRo, Oman


Denis Panjuta

Founder of TutorialsEU, Germany


Michael Olimski

General Manager, Germany


Paul Costa

I've Paid - UK


Marcos Barrientos

CEO - Founder, Colombia


Billy Hockenhull

Fual Furnisher, USA


John Kebaso Ogembo

Sajaji Technologies, Kenya


Wong Lei Heng

EnergyNow Co.Ltd, Cambodia



Someday, Norway



Producedash, USA



Tippy App, UK



Benna App, Kuwait



Fishency, USA(North Carolina)



Graff Art (Co-Founder)



Margaret River Apps, Australia


Ben Dolgoff

Co-Founder Byte Ventures, Boston


Read the experiences
from our happy customers

We might say only good things about us. However, do not take our word. Just listen to what individuals have to say about us, whether good or bad.

We have been working with the Peerbits team on the VEM (virtual employee model) structure for over 3 years. While we greatly benefit from having dedicated and highly qualified resources who are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the product(s) they build for us and are, for all intents and purposes part of our core team, the peace of mind of knowing that incremental and specialist resource – QA, DevOps, Business Analytics etc. – are available to complement the dedicated team, is of great value to us! This gives us the ability to rapidly scale up and down efficiently if and when the need arises.



Peerbits is made up of excellent professionals that take time to understand your needs, Offers quality advice along and then delivers top notch Apps that can compete with any other app around the globe.
Settling for Peerbits for the development of ‘Go-Gas App’ is indeed an excellent decision. On a scale of 10, I give Peerbits 10.

Simon Akpadaka

Go-Gas App

“Peerbits has been very good at getting the relevant skills on board in a short period of time”
Assigned resources produced a working MVP within an aggressive time frame and made revisions quickly, all while working with limited funds. This sense of urgency sets them apart from the competition and makes Peerbits Solutions a great partner for startups.

Tshepiso Manyoha


Before I started working with Peerbits to develop my app idea, I had no idea what I was doing. This being my first time developing one of my own ideas I had no clue which direction to go to make it happen. Once I contacted Peerbits, from the initial call to the launch of the app, everything was planned out with a timeline and milestones that made the process surprisingly exciting. The weight was completely lifted off me. Communication was excellent with almost immediate responses. Deadlines were adhered to, and any concerns or questions were addressed professionally, and efficiently. The final product works great, and with the warranty period you can ensure that everything works as intended. I would highly recommend Peerbits to a friend or anyone who is looking to finally turn that idea in to a reality.

Brandon Scott

Pace App

“I ended up getting exactly what I asked for, for one-twentieth of the cost. That’s the best thing.”
The iOS application has received positive feedback regarding its look and functionality. Peerbits is great at communicating and project management, allowing for a successful partnership. They also stuck to deadlines and cost-estimates, leading to a great value of service.


“Peerbits’ graphical user interface is top class. I love it.”
The deliverables provided by Peerbits perform well and the user interface is top of the line. While there were a few minor project management concerns, Peerbits’ communication was good throughout the engagement..

Saket Wakharkar


“Peerbits spent time with us going through requirements and made a deep analysis of the project.”
Peerbits provided quality work. However, there were some scheduling and delivery issues. Their project management and design were done well according to the client

Barath Raam


good first phase of the App, i will be hiring them for the second phase , which is the baby and more critical path. So far , all has been good, they were some initial misunderstanding of the concept in the initial face, but we got on the same page and since them all has been great


Tinkii App

I have been working with Peerbits for over 2 years. Everyone on their team is very friendly, knowledgeable and strives to do their best to get the job done. I had absolutely no hassles. Our work is ongoing


5F (Founder)

Peerbits has a great team of people that do their best to be responsive and flexible with the customer evolving needs. I have worked with them using agile development methodologies which keep your budget under control and help understanding and communication. They complement this with great tools to keep track of your project. Highly recommended.

Jose Juan Echeverri

Photograff App

This was my first iOS development project on Elance, and what a smooth, stress-free experience it was. Peerbits exceeded my expectations time and again on this project, and delivered a clean, high-quality app at the end of it. Their work ethic and technical skill is, I am absolutely certain, above the level of what I would receive from most app development companies in my country, and for a far more reasonable price as well! There were a number of times during the project where I asked for some changes to be made from the original app design we had discussed and every single time the development team responded to my requests. Why do they respond to these requests to changes small details for their clients? Their focus is on QUALITY. After my first experience, I completely trust in their technical skill and professionalism overall, a wonderful experience. I now look forward to developing a long-term partnership with this company.

Liam Brady (USA)


Peerbits’ communication and technical expertise were impressive. They provided timely and detailed updates, which helped alleviate concerns over unexpected technical obstacles. While their initial timeline estimate was off, the team’s responsiveness led to a successful launch.

Dion King (CEO)

Pop’n Or Not?

Peerbits has been very responsive in working with us to develop the application and communicative in addressing the multiple bugs discovered through testing. Their contact person is friendly and understanding. Through extensive work, in the end we have a polished product and I recommend Peerbits.


UCC EBook App

“I have overall positive feedback for Peerbits.”
The app launched successfully in time for a business competition. Peerbits communicated well in spite of a time difference by establishing common meeting times. The team also provided a dedicated project manager who served as a single point of contact to streamline task management and communication.

Ali Mirza


I was extremely satisfied with Peerbits and would not hesitate at all to hire them again. While not a complete list of all the reasons, the following are some of the reasons, the following are some of main points I think are worth noting regarding peerbits and the work they did for me on an iOS app. design skills – in the crowded app marketplace, having a good design for the app is absolutely vital. I was EXTREMELY happy with the design work Peerbits did on my app.

Brad Wales (USA)

Hired to do original job, then added additional GUI redesign to requirements for a negotiated price increase. Initial work was completed on-schedule. Additional work took longer than expected. QA was left to us. Once completed, the work looks very nice. Communication is a bit challenging because of the time-zone difference and more than a single P.O.C. at contractor who didn’t always communicate to each other. They did produce a quality product in the end.

Jason H.

“Peerbits has been very supportive along the way.”
The app is nearing completion and has received positive feedback in its pre-beta stage. Peerbits goes above and beyond basic support to provide valuable advice and guidance on the project, specifically on how to redesign and simplify it for better user appeal. The team is adaptable and hard working.

Ole Jørgen Reierstad


Peerbits is the best! Great communication through out the entire process. These guys know what they are doing and they do it well.

Alex Roberts

Peerbits has built a very solid app for me, both iOS and Android versions. My experience with the entire Peerbits team has been excellent. The team is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable. They’ve structured the work in a comprehensive project management system that makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with the entire team throughout the entire project. They have been very responsive to all my feedback, requests and concerns. They’ve respected the schedule we established and completed all deliverables on time as promised. The only sight delays in the project were due on my part. Communication was easy because they speak excellent English. I’m very satisfied with our first experience together and will definitely engage Peerbits for my future iOS and Android apps.

Wyster Desir

Dubaid Expats App

I’ve worked with Peerbits on numerous jobs. There goal is to provide the best experience, and they keep going until they achieve what it is the client requires. I’d recommend them to others. In this project, they utilized a chat client for me within my iOS and Android application.

Ryan O’Sullivan

Epic Delivery App

We were very happy with the work of Peerbits. We gave them a challenging project which required several changes due to the nature of the project. Peerbits was flexible with these changes and was able to provide work above and beyond what we asked for. On several occasions we asked for additional work that was not originally agreed upon and Peerbits performed this work in an exceptional manner.

Michael Fruzzetti (USA)

Sweepstakes App

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Over the years, we have helped countless startups and enterprises by providing them with virtual development centre that has produced some top-notch solutions. Our continuous high-class work has also received many awards and recognition which are shown below.

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