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Quality Assurance and Control services
from an expert team of testers

With a profound expertise in testing an extensive range of iOS, Android and web applications, delivery quality apps to global clientele is an excellence we flourish in.

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We test on real devices,
not simulators to cut cost

Our quality assurance and control services are performed by the same team of expert testers who helped deliver more than 300 bug-free, high-quality apps to global clients.

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Functionality Testing

With years of experience and expertise in functional testing, saying we deliver all our projects with all the functional components working as expected won’t be an understatement.

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Usability Testing

The usability of an application, web or mobile, is critical factor that no outsourcing company can dare to ignore. After all, users demand high levels of usability or they switch.

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Design Testing

We evaluate each design component and will make sure all design issues are spotted be it forms, links, colors, layout, alignment, navigation, responsiveness, etc.

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Content Testing

Typos, incorrect grammar, confusing phrases, non-conventional style can downgrade an app’s appeal with its audience. They must be fixed before anything else.

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Compatibility Testing

An Android app supposed to look great on any Android. The same goes for iOS and web applications. We test them on a number of devices before certifying compatible.

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Regression Testing

it is extremely suggested from a test perspective to carry out a regression test to make sure a recent change hasn’t adversely affected the app usability and performance.

Quality Assurance and Control Plays a Pivotal Role in Application Testing

Quality Assurance is the continual and consistent improvement and maintenance of process that enables quality control and ensure the application is tested thoroughly before being launched in the wild.

Quality Assurance Quality Control Testing
Purpose Setting up adequate processes, introducing the standards of quality to prevent the errors and flaws in an application Assuring the application corresponds to the requirement and specs before it is launched Detecting and fixing bugs and errors.
Focus Processes Application Source code and design
What Prevention Verification Detection
Who The team and stakeholder Project Manager and Analysts Software Testers
When During the process Pre-release Testing stage

Industry leaders rely on our
quality assurance and control services

Thousands of small businesses, SMEs and startups rely on our quality assurance and control services before bringing their application in the wild for a complete peace of mind.


Pay for testing as you would pay for any other service. Not for ongoing staffing costs and project delays.


Suits application development life-cycle for projects of any size and duration, including Waterfall.


Adapting our methodology to reflect a project change and ensuring the testing is never road-blocked.


Our testers have the knowledge, accreditations and practice from hundreds of applications they tested


Continual communication during and after each project for a successful bilateral collaboration


Providing a professional testing service real-time, which are available 'as' and 'when' you need it.

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