Our on-demand delivery
system has wide applications.

A smarter solution for smart people. Allowing easy pickup and dropoff with intuitive app UI to maximize interaction, allowing greater conversion through a comprehensive mobility solution for delivery businesses.

Texi App Passenger

A simple solution for a complicated delivery business

A smarter solution for smart people. Allowing easy pickup and dropoff with intuitive app UI to maximize interaction, allowing greater conversion through a comprehensive on-demand delivery app development model.


Register on the app with a few basic details: Name, Phone number and email.

Sign in

Once registered, sign in with the login information and stay signed in on the app

Task Details

Enter the what you want the delivery person to pickup or drop off to a location

Pickup location

Enter the pickup location from where you want the driver to pick the package from

Drop off location

Enter the dropoff location from where you want the driver to drop the package at

Pin locations

Favourite locations you frequently request dropoff to or pickup from

Task Deadline

Let the driver know time and date before you expect the task to be completed

Customer Support

Customers can seek support in case they run into an issue with the app

Track Driver

When a driver is en-route, a customer can track him in real time on a map

Contact Driver

Customers can contact the driver to learn about his whereabouts

Rate and review

Rate the services at the end of the delivery or write a short review

Email Notifications

The app is configured to send email notifications to your registered email address

Text notifications

The app is configured to send text notifications to your registered email address

Push Notifications

Customers can seek support in case he has an issue with a trip

Multiple Payment modes

You can integrate payment gateway of your choice: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, etc.

Refer and Earn

Offer your customers free credits when they refer people on their phone book

Texi App Deriver

Dynamic delivery app solution for driver’s tasks

Seamless app solution allows the driver to manage their deliveries and keep a track on each pickup and drop-off task. Offering best delivering mobility solution with analytics to raise the efficiency of the drivers with these features

Quick menu

Swipe left on any app screen to access the instant menu with many key app shortcuts

Accept a request

With a single tap, the driver or agent can accept an incoming pickup or drop off request

Start the task

After the driver accepts a task or gets assigned to, he has the option to accept it

Cancel the task

If the driver doesn’t find the task upto his expectations, the app lets him cancel it

Locate on a map

A driver can spot a customer’s dropoff or pick up location on a map before he accepts

Navigate to location

Once the accepted, the driver can navigate to a customer’s dropoff or pick up location

Delivery Path

If more than 2 tasks assigned to a driver, he can trace a feasible path, connecting location

Complex Task

A driver can accept a complex task which includes a set of a drop off and pickup task

Simplex Task

A simplex task is included of either pick up from a location or dropoff to a location

Attach Receipt

At the time of delivery, the driver can upload a photo of the delivery receipt on the app

Customer’s sign

The driver needs to take customers sign to acknowledge he has received the delivery

Tasks’ History

A driver can look at the task he took. He can click on a task to learn more about it

Edit Profile

A driver can change his password and many other fields in his profile view

Interactive Dashboard

An interactive dashboard shows the progress of a driver’s task until completion

Push Notification

The driver receives push notifications to let his know of incoming deliveries

Contact Support

In case of a problem, the driver can contact the support team for resolution

Watch your delivery business grow on auto-pilot

Admin panel has control over the customers, drivers, and all the transactions that take place within the on-demand delivery app and driver app to ensure acceptable business monitoring. Web admin panel offers holistic business analysis to calculated moves.

Texi App Deriver


The admin can enroll new drivers to work with the service and make deliveries


The admin can create a team of drivers, agents to uncomplicate management

Task Management

The admin can create a task on a customer’s request who don’t have access to app


Each agent handles a number of drivers and can allocate a task to an idle driver

Sub Admins

Sub admins are people added by the super admin with limited or full access


By dividing the service area of the app in zones, the admin can ease management

Clients’ List

An admin can check all the clients enrolled on his platforms to send promotions


A hub is where a driver delivers a shipment to upon pickup and picks up from

Prepare Schedule

By preparing a schedule the admin lets the drivers know when to be back

Send Notification

To inform a driver or customers of a news or alert, the admin can send notification

Route Optimization

A route is a hard to get by for a new driver, a admin does on a driver’s behalf

Auto Allocation

Admin panel allow to switch from manual allocation to auto allocation of drivers

Support Tickets

Admin panel shows all the open tickets raised by drivers and customers

Task Performance

Admin panel shows how each task was performed on a variety of factors

Driver Performance

Admin panel shows how each task was performed on a variety of deciding factors

Manage Profile

Admin can manage his profile and those of sub-admin in easy steps

A delivery solution build across mobility

Our solution comes with admin web panel, and a couple of native apps for customers and drivers.

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Benefits a next-gen on-demand
delivery can bring

We know what it takes to steer your business ahead of your competitors, build influence in the community and take the control.

Customizable & Whitelabel

A whitelabel solution is an unbranded software suite that can be customized to your business rules and branded as a part of your business identity.

Deploy on a server of choice

You can deploy the branded solution on the server of your choice whether shared, virtual dedicated, or cloud. In case you don’t want it on your server, we will deploy on ours.

Multiple payment gateways

You can integrate our recommended payment gateway Stripe, Uber’s Braintree, the very popular PayPal, or a payment gateway of choice.

Scalable and Robust

When your business grows with more customers and drivers, our system will grow with you. This is the advantage of our cloud-based scalable solutions.

Various support options

Continuously, you must support your drivers and customers or they switch to another provider. Likewise, as a client, we have your back, weekdays or ends.

Fastest time to market

As the base solution is ready to use, we can with minimum amendments, almost nil coding, over-the-top customizations deliver the solution

Using right technology stack




Payment Gateway


Local Database


Crash Reporting

Gradle for android

Dependency Manager

Carthage for iOS

Dependency Manager

Retrofit with RxJava

Network request (Android)


Network request (iOS)

Two Pricing Options

You can either pay the quoted price upfront and host the software solution on a server you own or we host it on our server and you just pay for what you use

Hosted Solution

You pay a one-time cost for a solution specific to your needs.

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SaaS Solution

You pay a timely nominal fee with a SaaS-based solution

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Case studies of our on-demand
delivery solution

We have worked with number of clients in branding, customizing our solution according to their business needs, during which we faced many challenges, and we overcame them with innovation solutions.

Y Delivery

Solo Salon

Fuel Swipe

Epic Delivery

Businesses the solution is made for

While a delivery business is what the solution is build keeping in mind. A greater part of solution is its customizability and flexibility. With a few tweaks, the solution can be made to run with business operations of these categories of businesses.

Logistics company

Food delivery

Courier & parcel service

Grocery stores


Express mail

What Our Customers Say Today,
You will Say Tomorrow

We have another voice that advocates our work along with us. And those voices are of our esteemed clients. They fell in love with our service and spent their valuable time praising us. See what they have to say about us.

Rodrigo Trindade

Real-estate App, Brazilian


It was an amazing experience partnering with Peerbits. They were not only committed to our project but also developed an app that we desired.

Pedro Sarmento

ACC (Airlines) App, Portugal


Peerbits was worth choosing for our airline business's digital transformation. The team's skill, communication, knowledge - everything was exceptional.

Paulo Ribeiro

VP, Smartex.ai, Portugal


Thanks to Peerbits for building a powerful automated fabric inspection system that helped us achieve high textile quality. Their amazing team support & expertise boosted our growth by 10x.

Awards, accolades, recognition
received by Peerbits

Over the years, we have helped countless startups and enterprises by providing them with virtual development centre that has produced some top-notch solutions. Our continuous high-class work has also received many awards and recognition which are shown below.

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Our clients

Peerbits has helped global enterprises grow by delivering top-quality software aligning an expert team of dedicated offshore developers.

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