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Our developers’ full-scale expertise in MEAN
Stack development help deliver robust solutions.

At Peerbits, our MEAN Stack development team is equipped with the requisite skillset and expertise to build applications with reliability, precision, and agility. Connect now with the best resources that have helped global clients make result-driven digital solutions leveraging the potential of the below-mentioned technologies:


  • Express.js
  • Adonis js
  • Koa.js
  • Socket.io
  • Meteor.js
  • Nest.js


  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • memSQL
  • MySQL
  • Rethinkdb
  • CouchDB


  • RxJs
  • Angular Material
  • NG-Bootstrap
  • NGX-Bootstrap
  • Prime NG
  • Angular Google Maps

Tools & Utilities

  • NPM
  • ELK stack
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • REST
  • JSON
  • Gulp

Coding standards we follow to build an
outstanding MEAN Stack Application

Regardless of how big or small your project is, our developers at Peerbits follow certain coding standards to maintain a quality product development environment and a consistent code quality throughout the software. It also helps ensure the application is straightforward, well-tested and documented, and bug-free.

  • Implement Lazy Loading modules
  • Well utilization of RxJS observables and Ngrx/Store
  • Utilization of Logic-less templates and inbuild angular capabilities like pipes, observables, & directives
  • Stick to Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) for lean code
  • We love to use immutable interfaces and stick to typescript types to reduce runtime errors
  • Expertise in handling Angular life cycle and Change Detection Optimisations
  • We prefer both TDD (test-driven development) and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)
  • Additonal modification in JWT token authentication to secure the passwords
  • Expertise in microservices including dockerizing the code
  • Maximum use of Const instead of Let and Var

Mean Stack development services
to build modern web apps

eCommerce development

Want high-performing feature-rich eCommerce app? MEAN Stack is the ideal choice. We take your business objectives and goals and customize our solutions to deliver world-class applications.

Custom web apps

We build scalable and custom web solutions using MEAN Stack. Being a robust framework, it helps you seamlessly create prototypes for your web pages.

Migration & porting

Using our industry experience with the NoSQL feature, we offer a smooth process for migration and porting services when transferring your web application to the MEAN Stack.

API development

We use individual methods while strictly following the REST architecture. Our expert developers offer well-structured programming code to craft high-performing APIs for your business needs.

SPA development

Our developers turn your multi-page site into fast-performing SPA. At Peerbits, we leverage the prowess of our developers to build lightweight, user-friendly, and easily navigable SPAs.

Support & maintenance

Apart from the app development assistance, Peerbits also offers extensive support and maintenance services to all clients so that they can overcome any technical issue.

Why choose us as your top
MEAN stack development company

We have a team of highly experienced MEAN stack developers that knows how to utilize the cutting-edge technology. Below are some of the other reasons as to why you must choose us as your MEAN stack development company.

Day-to-day reporting

We report to our clients on day-to-day basis to facilitate a flawless communication between the developers and the client.

Agile methodology

We ensure seamless delivery, deployment, testing, and iterative development by following the Agile methodology.


Peerbits is known for delivering its clients with solution of top-notch quality at the most cost-effective prices.

Source Code Ownership

The Peerbits’ policy ensures that the source code of the project remains with the client itself from the beginning our engagement.

95% On-time delivery

We have maintained an impressive track record of 95% on-time delivery due to our proficiency in the Agile methodology.

Vast experience

We have a vast experience in delivering MEAN stack development solution of the highest quality to all our clients.

What Our Customers Say Today,
You will Say Tomorrow

We have another voice that advocates our work along with us. And those voices are of our esteemed clients. They fell in love with our service and spent their valuable time praising us. See what they have to say about us.

Testimonial Thumb

Michael Olimski

General Manager, Germany

They have a flexible engagement model and highly experienced developers who are capable of grasping our vision and meeting our current and future demands.

Testimonial Thumb


Founder of TutorialsEU, Germany

Their effortless knowledge transfer and expertise that exceeded my expectations helped to make a wise decision of choosing Peerbits.

Testimonial Thumb

Masoud AL Rawahi

CEO of PhazeRo, Oman

I was impressed with their approach, and technical expertise and delighted with their on-time delivery. I was lucky to find them and going to enjoy their services for a long time.

Awards, recognition, accolades
that we have earned

Over the years, our MEAN stack engineers have delivered top-notch solutions to our clients. Their hard work and excellence have got us many awards, accolades, and recognition mentioned below.

Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
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Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo
Award Partner Certification Logo

Our clients
From all parts of the world

We have earned the trust of all our clients by providing them with solutions of top-notch quality. Our clients hail from all the corners of the world as mentioned below.

Get a look at Our
success stories

Our experts have overcome several challenges that they faced in various projects with their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Get a glimpse of our work below.


Strengthening Communities: A Centralized Platform for Collective Empowerment

The centralized hub allows the same community people to connect, engage, and share interest with each other. It further allows them to join groups, discussions, events, and facilitate seamless communication between them.

Social ,
View full case study

Empowered users to remotely manage their cold freeze devices with ease and efficiency

Peerbits helped a leading manufacturer and supplier of cold storage solutions get a mobile application to facilitate better control, increased efficiency, and improved monitoring capabilities.

IoT ,
Expertise Delivered
Cross-platform app development
View full case study

Reduced production cost & waste with 100% traceability for the textile industry

A startup based in Portugal, partnered with Peerbits to build an advanced textile waste reduction solution that detects defects in real-time and reduces waste & production costs.

Financial Services ,
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