Implementing mobile technology to well manage transport routes and supply chains

Logistics business deals with a high range of internal and external pressures that weights on a transparency and real- time operational discernibility across freight, warehouse and transportation management systems. Integrate a robust, wireless mobile infrastructure to address the rising pressures created by the complex dynamic environment of Logistic Service Providers. Improve business working efficiency with enterprise level mobile strategy to harmonize with systems, platforms and routes.

Dynamic mobility services for a coherent logistic information flow

Minimize equipment interruption by marginalizing operational costs

Mobile work order management assures a predetermined supplement for your central dispatchers that pro-actively schedules and assign work orders to the ground operators. Field operators are enabled with receiving work orders, push alerts and getting real time order priorities. It all helps in negating possible equipment failure, unpredicted downtime, and other safety and environmental perils.

  • mWorkOrder for users to download work orders directly from SAP.
  • View assigned activities and access work order history.
  • Efficient asset tracking system.
  • Enhanced UX speed for simplifying work processes.

Enhancing team’s productivity real time inventory tracking

Mobile can help companies get precise, real-time overview of the return goods inventory helping them save a lot of money, time and manpower. This means optimum utilization of inventory space and lesser time consumption in manual counting of returned goods.

  • Real-time inventory status
  • Automated count of returned goods
  • Space availability notifications

Redefine resource output with mobile fleet management

Cut down your operational costs while engaging an efficient resource management tool that captures your fleets and drivers’ data. A mobile fleet management solution provides details about vehicles and assets by adhering to their delivery schedules, route planning, driver log time, and driving behavior.

  • Mobility driven enhanced experience.
  • Enhanced driver’s competence.
  • Streamlining fuel and fleet costs.
  • Automating sales & customer service functions.
  • Downsizing repair costs with vehicle maintenance schedules.

Carry large warehouses inside your pocket

Warehouse mobility solution provide complete control over your warehouse within a smart device. Right from identifying consignments, packaging to shipment assures optimized resource utilization. Mobile warehouse system comprises of scanners, RFIDs and printers to streamline warehouse activity.

  • Digital warehouse visibility providing complete control.
  • Ensures accurate batching, slotting, item verification and cycle count.
  • Data capturing with RFID technologies for precise product scanning.

Benefits of embracing mobile technology for logistics business

  • Improved productivity, cutting costs & optimizing your supply chain system.
  • Enhancing responsiveness that drives internal employee efficiency through finance automation.
  • Avail greater inventory and costs visibility for a result driven operational planning.
  • Eliminating redundant manual and outdated processes to make way for mobile driven techniques that assures operational excellence and enriched customer support.
  • Acquire instant access for key financial indicators by tracking performance with real time analytics and reports.
  • Ensuring secured product supply chain with effective traceability.
  • Equipping transporters, shippers and customer brokers to file shipment instructions on the go.
  • Access to crucial data statistics for sales executives for improved decision making.