Our Logistics Management Services

We provide several Logistics Services which can assist your business to grow at an exponential rate. Below are mentioned all our Logistics Management Services

Cost-Efficient Last Mile Delivery Solution

We provide you with a solution that uses the latest last mile delivery which will reduce recurring costs up to 30%. Our Solution offers you with automation and optimization of delivery channels, route planning, and resource allocation.

Manage on-Field Workforce with Our Solution

Our solution will help you in monitoring, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing all the on-field activities. All these factors would lead to increase in efficiency, reduction of time consumed, and increase in overall performances.

Our Solution for On-Demand Delivery Management

On-Demand is new phenomenon which is making its impact in several industries. If you are looking for a solution having an Uber like functionality; then ours is just perfect. It will assist you to manage all the deliveries with utmost ease.

Robust Solution for Reverse Logistic Automation

One of the efficient way to reduce cost is to employ reverse logistics. Our solutions fit well for this kind of logistic demand. It automates the reverse logistics process which results in high measurable and holistic reporting.

Easy-to-Access Fleet Management Solution

Our Solution provides plethora of benefits for your fleet system. It offers precise real-time tracking, alerts, route status & optimization which enhances overall efficiency of your fleet management system.

Long Haul Delivery Management Solution

Delivering goods and consignments between distant cities is an essential element of logistics. Our customized solution will provide several ways to resolve issues arising in delivering cargo to distant places.

Features that Makes Our
Solution Stand Out

Our Logistics Management Solution comprises plethora of benefits which eventually makes our solution stand out from the rest. Below are the salient features.

Real-Time Field Service Management

One major issue that every logistic firm face is the inability to track each action. Our solution provides you with tracking of field technicians, medical reps, delivery associates, and other field workforce assets all on a singular map interface.

Impeccable Logistics Management Software

Our Solution provides exceptional analytics and research data which drives you to take better decisions. The data provides important insights and predicts the future trends with the help of algorithm-enabled location intelligence. All these factors help to optimize your logistic management services.

Automation of Delivery Logistics

Automation is an important component of logistic system with massive futuristic potentials. We have automation functionality right from the pick-up point till the delivery. In automation we cover everything such as: Reverse Logistics software and Last Mile Delivery Optimization.

Easy Integration with Multiple Platforms

Our logistic management solution exhibits exceptional efficiency, as well as offers easy integration with multiple platforms such as ERP/CRM/WMS/TMS; which in return provides you with flawless experience for all your operations.

Troubleshooting Capabilities

If you are a logistics management service provider then you must be adept in handling odd situations on day-to-day basis. Our logistics management solution has it all which assist you in troubleshooting any issue that rise.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Cost

With our Logistic Management Solution in place you don’t have to worry a bit about the efficiency. All the processes are well defined which make all the operations smooth and free of any hassle. It also reduces costs as it cuts downs all the unnecessary processes.

Impacts of Logistics on
Various Industries

Logistics play a significant role in working of various industries. It serves many functions along with the transportation. Below are the industries which gets the benefit of logistics.


Courier & Parcel

Our logistic solution helps your courier service by managing Pick-Up points efficiently, ensuring high speed & precision, and by increasing & optimizing overall performance.



Logistics covers everything from warehousing, inventory management, packaging, shipping, exchange, and much more. Our Solution can perform all these functions at an utmost efficiency.



It is impossible to imagine transportation without logistics system. Our solution assists you in managing your transportation in an optimized manner.


Financial Institutions & Insurance

When it comes down to money the major concern for everyone’s safety. Our Solution is an epitome of safety, along with other features such as speed, reliability, and efficiency.



Logistic Management in Manufacturing is an important element and our solutions provides all the benefits to increase the speed and efficiency of the work.


Pharmaceutical & Medicine

Our Logistics Solutions offers a centralized dashboard system which covers all the information regarding medical representatives and medicine catalogue.

A Holistic Logistics
Management Solution

Our solution provides Holistic growth to your Logistics Management Solutions. It provides analytics data and insights along with the automation benefits. It offers round the clock monitoring and tracking of every action of workforce members and vehicles. Our solution can be integrated in several platforms with utmost ease and provides a seamless user experience.

  • Improve productivity
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Eliminate redundant processes
  • Augment safety and security
  • Key Financial Indicators
  • Cut operational Costs
  • Greater Inventory Visibility
  • Enrich customer support
  • Access crucial data statistics
  • Efficient supply chain

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We have another voice that advocates our work along with us. And those voices are of our esteemed clients. They fell in love with our service and spent their valuable time praising us. See what they have to say about us.

Rodrigo Trindade

Real-estate App, Brazilian


It was an amazing experience partnering with Peerbits. They were not only committed to our project but also developed an app that we desired.

Pedro Sarmento

ACC (Airlines) App, Portugal


Peerbits was worth choosing for our airline business's digital transformation. The team's skill, communication, knowledge - everything was exceptional.

Paulo Ribeiro

VP, Smartex.ai, Portugal


Thanks to Peerbits for building a powerful automated fabric inspection system that helped us achieve high textile quality. Their amazing team support & expertise boosted our growth by 10x.

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received by Peerbits

Over the years, we have helped countless startups and enterprises by providing them with virtual development centre that has produced some top-notch solutions. Our continuous high-class work has also received many awards and recognition which are shown below.

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Peerbits has helped global enterprises grow by delivering top-quality software aligning an expert team of dedicated offshore developers.

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Delivered industry-focused flawless digital products engaging India’s top talent every client desires.


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