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7 Enterprise App Features to Boost Employee Engagement

7 Enterprise App Features to Boost Employee Engagement

  • Last Updated on April 18, 2022
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Enterprise apps have, in some cases, been the main contributing factor assisting global companies and organizations to operate as successfully as they do.


By ensuring all employees within a business have suitable access to an array of tools, business owners can dramatically improve both work efficiency and communication.

This results in employees having the ability to work anywhere on the planet, regardless of their physical location. The main advantage of using enterprise mobility to boost employee engagement, regardless of what size business you have.

These days, enterprising apps can be found on most smartphone and tablet devices with a crossover solution for desktop computers.

Employee engagement is the level of involvement, joy, and passion. According to a survey, highly engaged teams are 21% more productive and profitable than others.

However, only 15-16% of companies are using technology to monitor employee engagement. Therefore it is much necessary to keep your employees engaged in the workplace, they feel happy when they are actively engaged.

To see how enterprise app can improve your business, here are our top seven enterprise app features that will help you boost employee engagement in your business.

Messaging services

Most enterprising apps these days will come with some kind of chat feature. This could be chatboxes, instant messaging services or some sort of in-app email client.

By using an enterprise app with a fully-functional chat feature, you’re allowing your employees to communicate with each other, no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

The foremost mobile app development companies are also focusing more on chat featured enterprise mobility apps.


This means that information is shared faster throughout your organization, conversations regarding projects and workloads can take place anytime with the constant option to always look back on messages for an information refresh.

Using an app with a built-in chat feature also contributes to improving company security as the network will always remain internal, not like using a third-party email client where emails can just… disappear.

The Ability to Share Content

This next feature was a game-changer. By having the ability to share content and other forms of media between company employees, you’re dramatically increasing your productivity levels and employee engagement beyond belief.


Whether employees are sat in their office, huddle space or out and about, employees can always check in with others in regards to ongoing projects as well as always having access to emails, reports, charts and other media that is vital to the success of a task.

Nowadays, no more looking for files on the company intranet and searching through years’ worth of data. This feature can also be adapted to be used as a fantastic management tool.

By implementing features such as push notifications, you can inform employees of deadlines, meeting times, emergency meetings and project updates.

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Address book

This may seem like one of the more basic and dated features but it’s well worth a mention. If, as a small business owner, your company is started to grow or you already have hundreds of people working around you, by using an integrated address book, you have access to all the phone numbers, extensions, email addresses and other vital contact information, right at the tips of your fingers.

James Mathis, a HR manager at Custom Essay states;

“ Ensuring that employees can quickly access vital contact information quickly is one of the key factors to running a successful business. We live in a world where everything is connect and we can get results for pretty much anything, instantly. The same should be said for processes in your business. If you want to get hold of someone, you want to be able to do it now.

By adding fully detailed contact profile, you’ll be able to message your entire marketing team or sales team in the tap of a button. You can browse through each department, skill sets and even add photos to make facial recognition easier when in meetings!

Employee engagement

Mathis, continued;

“ Giving employees the opportunity to engage with one another is so important for a company’s survival. Whether it’s a light-hearted comment on a company photo or full-scale project planning using a collaborative tool, bringing employees together can massively boost morale, productivity and overall efficiency in the workplace.

This means you can encourage employees to connect with one another by commenting on business news, company photos, company events, internal blogs and even newsletters. All this helps to bring your employees closer together, forming deeper relationships and overall, increasing productivity.

Keeping everyone updated

Placing an important notice on the staff notice board and hoping that everyone sees it or hoping that word of mouth gets around to everyone to make sure they have read something seems very old fashioned, outdated and inefficient.

By integrating business updates into your enterprising app, you can ensure that every single one of your employees is up-to-date with the latest goings on and can work safe in the knowledge that they know exactly what is going on.

This can also include industry news updates and live updates as events in the company unfold. This is a great feature that can be used daily such as morning meeting summaries sent out to all department managers or for bigger events such as a change in company policy.

When writing content for your enterprise, such as newsletters or briefs, it can be difficult for business owners to find the time to do it properly. In light of this issue, many managers are turning to writing solution services such as UK Writings, to produce and copy-write their newsletters based on a list of information given to them.

Cloud networks

Similar to content sharing, by implementing compatible cloud servers into your enterprise app, you can ensure that your company is running to its maximum efficiency.

By using cloud services, all files and folders can be accessed and worked on any employee, any time, anywhere.

The feature massively increases productivity and with many cloud services supporting a comprehensive range of file types, you’re ensuring that project productivity remains high all the time.


There can be a lot going on in today’s business around the world, especially with the recent boom in marketing techniques such as content marketing and the consistent increase in the meetings that businesses are having every year.

The majority of enterprising apps will have a built-in calendar feature, making it easy for all employees to stick to deadlines, remember meeting times and keep organised.

Most of these features will come with edit-ability options meaning that employees can comment and make notes on certain events, for example, if there is a marketing meeting next week, one employee can comment asking one other person to bring the latest report.

Not only does this feature boost engagement, but it helps to keep your business organised, your employees organised and everything running smoothly.

To ensure that text and information written in your businesses calendar is not too overwhelming, you can use free online tools to ensure that calendar entries remain under 40 words.

This means that employees can get all the relevant information they need in one quick glance and won’t be glued to their phones.


Enterprise apps are quickly becoming the backbone to businesses of all sizes across the world. Employee collaboration has proven itself time and time again as the most effective way to produce results and complete workloads and, when implemented into businesses correctly, can save business time, money and increase productivity like never before.


Tej Chalishazar

Tej is an experienced project manager with huge experience in mobile app development. He has worked on a lot of projects for various companies, ranging from startups to large corporations, and has successfully managed multiple projects from inception to launch. With a strong background in software development and project management methodologies, he is able to effectively communicate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to ensure that projects are delivered successfully.

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