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A platform for providing on demand taxi dispatch, ride hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery and other retail products delivery to the clients. It bridges the gap between vendors and customers. It automates the delivery processes of goods, taxi, medicines, materials, etc. and provides great relief to the business owners dealing with on-demand services.

The Challenges

  • SaaS based platform to be scalable as the customers’ business grows
  • Manage customers’ orders, identify the nearest driver, employing driver, and tracking driver’s location - All needs to be done in real-time
  • Centralize, automate, and streamline the processes
  • Ability to handle N number of requests at the same time
  • Addressing customers’ queries in real time
  • Integration of diverse inventory systems for different businesses
  • Real-time updates and real-time monitoring for all the orders
  • Centralized system for all types of on demand deliveries
  • Integration of AWS cloud infrastructure to handle everything in the process

The Solution

  • A scalable SaaS based on demand platform built using AWS and cloud computing solutions.
  • Microservices architecture to get the maximum outputs with proper utilization of server resources.
  • Designed the best infrastructure of the whole system.
  • The system is capable of managing heavy loads during the rush hours.
  • A comprehensive business model for different types of taxi dispatch, food delivery, medicine and other products delivery.
  • The database is stored under different categories in clusters.
  • Automation of manual processes and real-time tracking of orders.
  • Business owners get white-label solutions that include their own business branding like logo, color scheme and branding elements.
  • Taxi business owners should be able to add dynamic pricing on different factors such as waiting time, time of the day or night, offer promotions, and more.
  • Using monitoring and logging tools such as Cloudwatch, Datadog, and Newrelic, we enabled them to identify which table in the database or which query in the system is taking how much time and how to optimize the storing data processes.

Key features

  • Pay as you go model

    Business owners can scale up or down depending on their business growth.

  • Third party integration

    The platform can be integrated with other systems to enhance the functionality.

  • Compatible with all sizes of business

    Small, medium to large sized businesses can make use of this platform to automate their business processes.

  • Detailed Analytics

    Business owners can get data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

  • Different versions

    Different versions available for drivers, business owners and end users.

  • Dynamic pricing

    Taxi business owners can set the dynamic pricing based on different factors.


  • Increased business efficiency
  • Improved business sales

Tech stacks we used

Programming language





Elastic Cloud


Kafka, MQTT


Mongo Atlas



Dependency Management


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