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Our Android App Development Service

We are one of the leading Android app development firms which delivers a range of solutions which comprise:

Dynamic android app

Our pool of talented developers with years of experience are adept in with full-fledged, scalable, robust, and top-notch Android applications.

Solutions for your enterprise

We provide expandable and high performing android apps which conforms to your enterprise and meets all your demands.

Transfer & update service

If you are looking to transfer your app to a different platform or to update the existing one. Our team can complete those task with utmost efficiency.

Consulting services

Our experts having years of experience will mentor and provide you consultation on nuances of Android app development.

Support & maintenance

Apart from Android app development services we our team also provide 24x7 support & maintenance service to our clients.

QA & testing

Our QA expert always keep an eye on your project right from the initial stage, till it starts working smoothly on all intended platforms.

Developing smarter, faster, and
more powerful Android apps than ever

Android brings more changes for the developers to reflect in their app development practices than any other mobile platform.

Material Design

Android uses a new design metaphor inspired by paper and ink that provides a reassuring sense of tactility. Our designer have been designing apps around Google’s new design language called Material Design for a long time now and are ready for Google’s new design language.

64-bit apps

Google will require all Android apps to be 64-bit beginning in August 2019. 64-bit apps, not only address more RAM, but also provide better platform security and performance. Apparently, we already build app using a 64-bit framework and employe native libraries.

Latest API Level

Google updates its API level every year. Sometimes even twice a year. New API level brings new functionality apps can deliver. Fortunately, we offer support and development for the latest Android Dessert and API level. Android apps are backward compatible by default.

Daydream & ARCore

AR and VR are now a core part of Android OS thanks to the introduction of Daydream and ARCore by Google. Although limited by number of handsets supported, the support is well and growing. Meanwhile, our Android app developers have already developed a couple of apps.

Some Astonishing Facts About Android

Mobile Applications have become a critical tool which contributes in the success of your business. Below are some astonishing facts which supports the above statement.

8 out 0f 10 internet user owns a smartphone.

8 out 10 smartphone owners use apps daily

Mobile apps perform 4-5 times better than websites

Users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps instead of mobile websites

Roughly 60% of smartphone users don’t mind 15-30 seconds of ad in a video content

Mobile devices serve as a platform for 53% of paid-search clicks

Work with the top-of-the-line app developers

Why choosing us is a smart move

Peerbits consists of dedicated Android specialist developers which have excellent skillset to deliver what you demand in an Android app. Combination of their skill
& experience and our cutting-edge technology produces symphony in android application development.

Experience & expertise

If quality is something you’re after, you should be considerate whom you outsource your app development efforts to.

Latest Technologies

Android isn’t the same it was in 2011. It has added more features and supports more technologies than ever before.

Quality apps

Our thorough quality check and quality assessment process assure the app is in a near perfect condition before it hits the market

Flexible pricing

Availing our Android app development services doesn’t mean you have to pay the quoted price upfront. You can pay as per your convenience.

Cloud team

A dedicated cloud team that works on your project round the clock and is within your reach whenever you want, Skype, phone or chat.

Free consultation

If you have drew a rough plan how your app will work. We may want to look at it when you avail our app consultation services.

Technology that goes into android
application development


  • Java


  • Android Studio


  • SQLite
  • Realm


  • RetroFit
  • Volley
  • Dagger2
  • Gradle
  • Glide

Engagement Models

We understand demands of diverse of businesses and provide multiple engagement methods to cater various projects.

Fixed Budget

As the title suggests the cost is fixed in this model. However, we follow standards which are uncompromised.

  • Pay for quality not quantity
  • Pricing based on requirement
  • No Hidden Cost
  • High working standards

Time & Material

In this model there is no fixed time or budget. You will pay for the total hours we take to complete project.

  • Value for your time
  • Discuss and understand
  • Pay per hour
  • Get Regular Updates

Cloud Team

In this type you can have a dedicated team for your project. It enables you to make real-time modifications.

  • Personalized Team
  • No Deadline
  • Real-time Updates
  • Cost Effective

Work with the top-of-the-line app developers

Our approach to Android app development challenges

How we understand? How we create? How we present? And how we manage? Everything that will prove the way we create the new definitions of understanding and perfection everytime we work.

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