With 180 filling stations, the client is Oman’s pioneering distributor of petroleum products and related services. Peerbits developed the client’s official app which, leveraging on location services, helps find the nearby filling station to the user. User can click a station on the map and navigate to it.

In addition, the mobile app gives information about the client’s products, services and facilities available at their filling stations. The client’s upcoming events & ongoing promotions are also available on the app to view and participate. Customers can provide their feedback to help improve the products and services.


The Challenge

The client app, upon registration, stores users’ driver’s license. An integral feature of the app is to notify a user when his driver’s license is about to expire. The challenge augmented when we realized license expiry date tends to differ for user to user.

The app upon registration was to store vehicle and mileage data. However, with so much data on the fly, it soon became evident we have to do something about storing it.

Filtering results to a region, location and sub-filtering them to services/features/facilities.

The Solution

To make sure The app users receive a notification when their driver’s license is about to expire, we employed Android Local Push Notifications—Alarm Manager to set the expiry notification.

To store the vehicle and mileage data created the local SQLite DB and to manage complex filter, we used SOL query with app code.

Key features

Visual Style

To hold the innovative mood of the app’s overall visual style, we selected a color palette which, as you can see, includes various shades of grey with light colours here and there

Nearby stations

An app user can not only find a filling station near him, he can also navigate to its location and take a look at the services, products and facilities available at the station.

Mileage Calculator

The app calculates mileage of a vehicle based on the number of miles it travelled. It calculates number of miles it travelled and how much fuel it was refilled with at an The app filling station.

License Expiry Notifications

Omanis often forget to renew their driver’s licenses on time and are left with no choice but to pool a car or hail a taxi, which can be costlier. The app notifies a user when the license is about to expire.

Rating and Feedback

Customers’ feedback matters more than anything be it a grocery store or a filling station. The app has many station and each time an app user visits one, the app prompts him to rate the experience.

Technology stack




Xcode, Android Studio



Third party libs


Network request

Alamofire, Retrofit with RxJava

Image Caching



The app reduced time and fuel people waste while searching for a fuel station. The app users became safer and more considerate drivers. Driver’s License expiry notification assured they renew their licenses on time.

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