With medical technologies taking huge leaps every year, most of our health-related woes are taken care of. Doctors are successfully treating some conditions which were once incurable. However, with the advancement, the number of tasks involving the medical procedure has also increased to an overwhelming level.

Peerbits is proud to come up with an app that helps you to manage all those procedures and tasks in an easy and systematic manner. This application brings together all the components of your health report which includes your medical history, symptoms, medication, appointments, immunizations, allergies, and fitness records.


The Challenge

Client wanted the healthkit & Fitbit data to get fetched on the application. Integration of both was quite a challenge as it would increase the complexity of the app. Moreover, to fetch data in real-time from the healthkit & Fitbit to the application was a tough job.

Other challenge that we had to deal with was of medicine reminders. Client wanted us to include a feature in which the user would get notifications for his/her medical dose.

Apart from that client wanted to provide encryption and decryption of data which would ensure foolproof privacy and security of user’s data.

Client wanted us to provide multiple languages in the app.

The Solution

To solve the first challenge our developers used Healthkit’s & Fitbits’ API to fetch all the data to the app. For the second challenge which was of medicine reminders, we synced the calendars. We added reminders according to the frequency of the dosage.

For encryption and decryption, we used AES encryption algorithm that works parallelly across every platform such as iOS, Android, and PHP.

To make this app available in all the languages we made a master in which we stored all the language translations for all the modules.

Key features

Record symptoms

In this feature the user can record all his/her symptoms with details such as date of first appearance, severity, and other miscellaneous information.


You can record history of all the vaccines any other immunizations taken in a single app which will give you and your doctor a clear idea about your immunization history.

Chronic conditions

This feature allows the user to record all the necessary details of his/her chronic disease which would help the doctor to take further action rapidly.


In this section the user can fill all the details of the allergies if he/she has any. This will prevent cases in which doctor prescribes medication to which the patient is allergic, causing harm.

Fitness data

This is a crucial feature in which all the data from fitbit or healthkit is fetched to the app. Now the user can monitor his/her fitness stats and manage medication simultaneously.

Medicine dosage

You can enter all the details such as their name, amount of dosage to be taken, and the frequency of a dosage of all the medicines that you’ve been prescribed with.

Medical appointments synced with calendar

This is a critical feature as you can sync all your appointments with the calendar. You’ll receive a reminder whenever you have a medical appointment fixed that day.

Voice commands

This feature is useful for elderly users who may face problems in typing. They can simply give voice commands to access functions and to write notes.

Share PDFs, video, and audio files with your doctor

This feature gives you a golden opportunity to present your medical history with a great amount of details to your doctor. In this feature you can include PDFs, videos, and audio files for your doctor.

Create multiple dependent accounts

You don’t need to create separate accounts for each member of your family. By this feature you can create and manage multiples account of your family members on the same application.

Technology stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Visual studio

Data storage


Crash Reporting


Network Request

Alamofire, Retrofit

Social SDK



The application got a tremendous amount of appreciation from all; especially, from those who had to manage a large number of medical tasks for themselves or their family members.

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