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A trailblazing agribusiness company in India, embarked on a revolutionary journey to reshape the agricultural landscape and elevate productivity. This comprehensive case study delves into the multifaceted approach adopted by them, encompassing nursery management, oil palm plantations, farm data gathering, staff management, and the integration of mobile and web portals to establish a robust ecosystem.

The Challenges

  • Farmers grappled with issues such as low crop productivity, insufficient resources, and suboptimal farm management practices. To address these challenges, our team meticulously documented the existing app code, gaining a profound understanding of the project requirements and proposing tailored solutions.
  • Objectives : The primary objective was to enhance crop yields through improved farming techniques. Key features included easy farmer registration, farm details management, harvesting, garden gradings, collection center operations, transportation, and shipments. The overarching goal was to streamline nursery and plantation management, farm details, staff management, and collection and crop management. Additionally, optimizing the supply chain for timely and efficient crop delivery was a key focus.

The Solution

  • Farmer-Centric Solutions :

    Personalized Recommendations: Implemented AI-driven systems for analyzing farm data and providing personalized recommendations to enhance efficiency.

    Transparent Payment Services: Utilized mobile applications to ensure transparent and timely payment processes for farmers.
  • Harvester/Contractor Solutions : Streamlined Scheduling: Developed scheduling software integrated with GPS tracking for efficient harvest planning, reducing response times.
  • Garden Grader Solutions : Seamless Submission: Implemented an automated submission system for graded reports, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Field Officer (Extension) Solutions : Monitoring and Tracking Tools: Equipped officers with mobile apps for real-time monitoring, enabling better services and lead generation.
  • Collection Center/Factory Operator Solutions : Efficient Data Collection: Implemented streamlined data entry systems to reduce lead time and enhance accuracy in FFB data collection.
  • Logistics Coordinator Solutions : Integrated Coordination: Employed GPS tracking and live data sharing between collection centers and logistics, reducing transportation time and providing real-time insights.
  • Quality Assurance Solutions : Digital Quality Tracking: Digitized quality tracking systems, enabling real-time quality information sharing among stakeholders.
  • Manager (Extension/Logistics) Solutions : Live Tracking & Analytics: Provided managers with tools for live tracking, analytics, and decision-making support for both extension and logistics operations.
  • Production and R&D Solutions : End-to-End Traceability: Implemented systems for comprehensive traceability from farm to finished products, aiding in quality control and insights sharing.
  • Nursery Management Solutions : Improved Monitoring Systems: Deployed advanced monitoring systems to enhance crop health monitoring, reducing mortality rates.
  • Finance and Human Resources Solutions : Integrated Management Systems: Developed systems integrating finance with operations for faster payments and HR systems for better field force management.
  • Supply Chain Optimization Solutions : Technology Integration: Utilized GPS tracking and route optimization tools for efficient supply chain management.
  • Mobile and Web Applications : Continuously improved and updated mobile and web applications to provide comprehensive farm management support to farmers.

Key features

  • Technology Integration and Tools :

    AI-Driven Recommendations: Leveraged AI and machine learning to provide personalized recommendations for farmers based on farm data analysis.

    Mobile Applications: Developed user-friendly mobile apps for seamless communication, data collection, and transaction tracking for farmers and field officers.

    GPS Tracking: Implemented GPS tracking systems to monitor logistics, track FFB transit, and optimize routes for efficiency.

    Image Processing for Real-time Monitoring: Maturity Inspection: Employed ONNX AI and ML systems for accurate classification of fruit maturity, aiding in optimized harvest scheduling.

    Live Tracking & Analytics: Equipped managers with tools for live tracking, analytics, and decision-making support, enhancing field force management.

  • Data Management and Traceability :

    Comprehensive Databases: Developed and maintained databases of farmers, farms, and crop data for personalized support and improved decision-making.

    End-to-End Traceability: Implemented systems that track the entire process from farm to finished products, ensuring quality control and transparency.

    Digitized Quality Assurance: Digitized quality tracking systems for real-time information sharing among stakeholders, enhancing overall quality.

  • Process Optimization :

    Streamlined Scheduling and Planning: Developed software for efficient harvest planning and scheduling to reduce response times and optimize resources.

    Efficient Data Collection: Implemented streamlined data entry systems to reduce lead time and enhance accuracy in FFB data collection.

    Supply Chain Revamp: Utilized technologies for supply chain optimization, reducing transportation time and platform losses.

  • Monitoring and Analytics :

    Enhanced Monitoring Systems: Deployed advanced monitoring systems for crop health and farm productivity, reducing mortality rates and increasing efficiency.

    Analytics for Decision Making: Provided tools for data analysis and reporting, aiding in informed decision-making and resource allocation.

  • Seamless Operations and Communication :

    Integrated Systems: Integrated finance with operations and HR systems for faster payments, efficient resource allocation, and better field force management.

    Communication Platforms: Developed user-friendly mobile and web applications for farmers and stakeholders to manage farms, track transactions, and connect with the company, fostering a cohesive ecosystem.


  • The yield of crops increased significantly, leading to enhanced income for farmers.
  • Nursery, plantation, farm, staff, and crop management became more efficient and centralized.
  • The revamped supply chain reduced transit times and minimized wastage.
  • The integration of multiple mobile and web applications allowed for seamless data sharing, real-time decision-making, and improved communication with farmers.

Tech stacks we used


Python, React, Flutterm, Redis, Celery, Flower, Celery Beat, SFTP, ONNX


Django Cookiecutter


PostgreSQL / PostGIS


Numpy, Pandas, Pillow, uvicorn

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