Enter the world of smart devices with IoT

We are living in an era where everything is connectable to the internet. Smart Devices are invading your home and offices. They can ‘talk’ to each other, take decision on their own and can be controlled with a smartphone app.

IoT devices are making homes smarter and workplaces efficient

IoT devices in a smart home or workplace setup are turning new possibilities that were previously unthought of could be turn into realities. We are on the cusp of a revolution and ‘things’ are only going to get smarter as long the approach is right.

There is more to IoT devices than smart home;
the applications are endless

Smart homes were only the precursor of what IoT technology can achieve. This is just the beginning. Possibilities will emerge as more and more things will go online and communicate with each other.


Connected Cars

Industrial Internet

Smart Cities

IoT in Agriculture

Smart Retail

Energy Engagement

IoT in Healthcare

Let’s build a ‘connected’ future, together

A future that IoT hold and smart devices bestow

Smartphones are indeed a revolution that disrupted industries after industries. We can’t foresee a ‘connected’ future unless everything we interact with on a daily basis is connected, accessible, and approachable.

An era which incepted with the first computing device will come to an end the day everything is connected. That’s not gonna happen anytime soon. But at least we know where the future lies and the possibilities are endless.

Turn Possibilities

IoT App development with Peerbits

Make a smartphone ‘talk’ to a smart home with an app


A smart home can be extended with new smart devices. A mobile app means to control them should be accepting to news devices. Thus, we develop scalable IoT apps.


When you control your home lighting sitting at office, it is total bliss. But when you neighbor does the same, it is horror. Our developers make this doesn’t happen with you.


Not every app developer has the necessary competence to develop a IoT app. Having developed many IoT apps, they know inside-out of IoT app development.

Readymade Platform

Developing any app from scratch is a time-consuming job and a costly affair. Peerbits has many customizable, readymade IoT app platforms to choose from.


Peerbits has a development center in India to ensure best quality apps at minimum cost. We have a solution to your budget related vows with a likable workaround.

Access to tools

IoT development takes expensive tools and test hardware to maintain a bug free app experience. Peerbits has all the necessary tools and procures test hardware whenever required.

Case Studies: To let you know, developers don’t make great writers.

We have solved actual problems with our mobile applications. Every app is different and each throws their individual problem. A developer has to work around those problems until a solution can be reached.

ATM food solution

View case study

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