Engineering top-notch products

Peerbits is a global leader in digital inventions which engineers technical solutions and products as per your business vision. All you have to do is set the budget for your project in advance and the rest of the things will be taken care of by our highly proficient team.

How Peerbits helps
to build customized products

Product modernization

The product engineering team at Peerbits possess top-notch expertise that envisions your idea of the product modernization and seamlessly transforms it into a reality.

QA & product testing

Peerbits has a pool of extremely skilled and talented QA analysts and testers who helps us in delivering products of top-notch quality along with shortening your TTM (time-to-market).

End-to-end product development

We take care of everything from A to Z. From security architecture to custom cloud solutions and embedded software development we do all.

Product maintenance

We ensure product maintenance by handling troubleshooting and fixing bugs. We also ensure a smooth migration to other technology and platforms at minimal costs.

How does Peerbits
approach each project

Peerbits follows a specific approach for all its projects which helps us to achieve our goals the way we want. It also helps us to achieve them faster and without some hassles. Below mentioned are all the steps of the process that we follow.


Project analysis

In the first step, we analyze the project by defining its objectives and business goals.


Solution design that shapes the vision

We design a custom technical solution that is in accordance with the product vision.


Software development

Build software application and UX on the basis on design documentation.


Ensure software quality

We ensure software quality by utilizing quality control and management systems.


Software product deployment

We secure our client’s potential losses with a stable and successful product launch.


Maintenance & enhancement of product

We utilize user feedback and data analytics to improve product functionality.


Our full-cycle
team consists of:

Project manager

Our project manager manages project constraints, elevates communication, and increases efficiency.

Business analyst

Our business analysts assist you with strategic technology consulting for seamless project execution.

UI/UX designer

Our UI/UX designers create innovative user interface functionalities and designs.

Backend developer

Our backend developers build robust & secure backend for customized IT products.

Frontend developer

Our front end developers enhance performances and functionalities across devices & browsers.

QA engineer

Our QA engineers ensure a bug-free solution by carrying out multiple quality assurance processes.

Product manager
that shapes your product

Peerbits leverages the agile development capabilities, vast of experience of product development, and design thinking to offer our clients with an excellent combination of services that can act as a catalyst in enhancing their product development activities. Our product manager shapes your product by:


Why choose Peerbits
for product development

Peerbits has earned the reputation of a top product and software development company by delivering top-notch products to its clients. There are many reasons as to why our clients chose us. Few of those reasons have been mentioned below:

Personalized products

One of our main USP is that we give utmost importance to the personalization of a product. We ensure to fulfil all our clients’ business needs with a customized technical products.

High-quality product

Quality is something that we never compromise on. That’s the reason why we always ensure that we deliver our clients with a product or solution of top-notch quality.

Guaranteed continuity

Our clients never have to worry as we offer guaranteed business continuity to them. We ensure providing business continuity which is of the highest industry standards.

Cost efficiency

Our main objective is to deliver a product of top-notch quality in the least possible cost. Our effective model for product support and maintenance enhances our cost-efficiency.


We develop products and solutions in such a way that they have extremely high scalability and reliability. All our offerings can be scaled automatically as your business grows.

Smooth delivery

Peerbits has earned a lot of reputation for smooth and continuous delivery of products and solutions. Not only this, but we also ensure the smooth delivery of all the required support processes.

What Our Customers Say Today,
You will Say Tomorrow

We have another voice that advocates our work along with us. And those voices are of our esteemed clients. They fell in love with our service and spent their valuable time praising us. See what they have to say about us.

Testimonial Thumb

Michael Olimski

General Manager, Germany

They have a flexible engagement model and highly experienced developers who are capable of grasping our vision and meeting our current and future demands.

Testimonial Thumb


Founder of TutorialsEU, Germany

Their effortless knowledge transfer and expertise that exceeded my expectations helped to make a wise decision of choosing Peerbits.

Testimonial Thumb

Masoud AL Rawahi

CEO of PhazeRo, Oman

I was impressed with their approach, and technical expertise and delighted with their on-time delivery. I was lucky to find them and going to enjoy their services for a long time.

Our Awards, recognitions,
and, accolades

Peerbits has impressed many clients with its top-notch quality of products, work ethics, and resources. Not only clients but also the organizations that track performances of IT companies have been impressed by us. That’s why we have received numerous awards and recognitions which are shown below.

Our clients are
our global footprints

Over the years, Peerbits have satisfied many clients from different parts of the world by delivering them with top-rated customized solutions. Our clients from across the globe truly represent our global footprints. Below are a few of our major clients.

Get a glance to our
success stories

Over the years, Peerbits have delivered several customized products. Each product presented itself with a set of challenges which we successfully overcame with our hard work and perseverance. Get a glimpse of few of such success stories.


Reduced 40% operational cost building a fully automated eCommerce store

The eCommerce store provides a new way of living the product experience to customers. Customers can rent & buy the best hi-tech products dedicated to fitness, home, and much more.

Retails & Ecommerce , Software ,
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Built remote patient monitoring software to re-defined patient experience

The software keeps your patient engaged in their treatment plan while keeping your team connected and provide better health management at home or anywhere.

Fintech & Insurance , Software ,
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Schedule on-demand fuel delivery app development for Gulf-based oil company

The software allows the citizens of Oman to order fuel from anywhere within the country and get their vehicle tanks filled without heading to the fuel pump.

Oil & Energy ,
Oil Industry
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Blogs, news, and insights
worth exploring

We at Peerbits are passionate about technology and everything associated with it. That’s why we love reading, researching, and writing a lot of writeups about technology, current technological trends, and other technology-related stuff. You can explore our writings where we have shared our technological insights.