Peerbits is extremely glad to publicize the success story of sculpting the super insurance app from scratch for NLGIC, the award-winning and most reliable insurance company in the gulf by private companies, individual citizens, and government organizations. This app offers users based in Oman, Kuwait, and UAE financial planning services clubbed with lifetime financial security, protection to the family, assets, and employees with an international standard comprehensive range of insurance products.

This super app is the amalgamation of 3 different apps that allow users from Oman, Kuwait, and UAE to apply for Motor insurance, Individual Medical insurance, Comprehensive personal plan, Personal accident plan, Home content insurance, and travel insurance. Users from all the 3 countries can now file their claim from the super app and pay for the insurance within the app using their debit/credit card.

Expertise Delivered




Team Members

9 Weeks

Launch MVP

18 Months

Ongoing project


The Challenge

Merging 3 applications

Our client already had 3 mobile applications for Oman, Kuwait, and UAE where, Oman citizens can only apply for personal and medical insurance, Kuwait & UAE customers for Motor vehicle insurance, and all have to download the separate app if they want reimbursement. There was a challenge for the company in managing databases getting from multiple applications from 3 countries.Their need was to merge the 3 apps into one and make one super app combining the features that all 3 apps had with unique additional features.

Build customer-centric UI/UX

The client only had the concept of merging the 3 apps into one but was blank about how the new design would be for the new app. The client demanded to make a design from scratch that matches the taste of the current 3 apps, should be 100% user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Improve App performance

The earlier apps were slow and the new app client wanted unique but powerful performance-wise. The insurance claim process has multiple image upload processes that could reduce the performance of the application. The client wanted a seamless image upload process that can handle the load, does not make the users wait for long while using the app, and give an unforgettable user experience when they use the app.

Multiple Payment gateway integrations

The client had 2 payment gateways earlier, one for the Oman app and one for Kuwait. Merging all in one, we needed to integrate OAB (Oman Arab bank) & Kuwait Payment gateway that has multiple API calls with the security tokens that can provide the success/failure response as a web source and allow users to buy insurance policies from any country (UAE, Oman, Kuwait) with ease.

The Solution

Sculpted super app merging 3 apps

We performed a detailed study on the apps & assessed their coding. We suggested client native technology based on the business requirement. Leveraging the expertise and experience in native app development, we merged the design of all 3 apps and made it one. Updated the frontend API and finally centralized the operations of 3 apps into one. We also redeveloped the portal using angular language to keep the flow similar and make it competitive with the new apps.

App performance improved

Our engineering team applied an image compression algorithm to reduce the size of images while uploading on the server. The algorithm automatically compresses the image size without compromising the quality, helps in boosting the app performance, and ensures the user gets an unforgettable user experience.

Built customer-centric UI/UX

To better understand the client vision & customer taste, our BA conducted focused research on all the 3 apps’ functions, features, icons, navigation, menu, and entire app’s design. We employed our best-in-class frontend developer to craft aesthetic design combining the 3 apps design making sure it is 100% user-friendly and reflects the essence of the product. Provided continuous support and maintenance. Our BA and UI/UX expert took multiple long calls with a client and did in-depth research to deliver outrageous results.

Integrated multiple payment gateways

Our expert team of engineers integrated Oman, Kuwait, and UAE’s payment gateways. Our engineers used tokenization to make the payment secure and authenticate users to prevent any fraud. We have called the API asynchronously to manage multiple calls and extract the acknowledgment output from the web source code. Users can make payments only by using a debit/credit card.

Key features

Get Quote

Users from all 3 countries can get insurance policy quotes in real-time from a single app.

Policy renewal

This feature enables members to renew the policy using policy number/vehicle Reg. No. for self or another member

Purchase Different Insurance Products

The member from any 3 countries can now purchase all the available policies on a fingertip using a debit/credit card.

Submit Claim

This feature allows every member to submit claims by uploading required documents within the same app.

View Payment History

This feature enables users to view payment history and keep a record of the payment made to date for various policies.

View AAA and Orange card

This feature is designed for vehicle policy owners. They are given these cards and can use them to buy or renew the vehicle policy.

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