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A visionary organization recognized the need for a transformative solution to streamline security, quality, and compliance management across industries. The goal is to empower professionals with a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates ISMS, GRC, AMT, QMS, and DMS functionalities.

The organization trusted Peerbits - a trusted software development company to bring this ambitious vision to life. We embarked on a journey to create a super secure and automated platform that would revolutionize the way organizations manage their critical processes.

The Challenges

  • Developing a robust data visualization system using D3.js for folder structure hierarchy and force-directed graphs to represent document relationships.
  • To Implement a comprehensive document and policy risk management system.
  • Designing an intuitive task management system with visual Kanban boards and dynamic task tracking.
  • Enabling seamless task management across multiple companies, with timeline views, dependency tracking, and progress monitoring.
  • Integrating an asset management system for centralized asset documentation and dependency mapping.
  • Facilitating dynamic template creation and management for various document types.
  • Establishing a document management system with version control, approval workflows, and distribution capabilities.
  • Implementing linked document management for efficient cross-referencing and relationship tracking.
  • Allowing users to copy documents, folders, and settings between companies for easy knowledge sharing.
  • Ensuring multi-company access for users and enabling them to work across different organizations seamlessly.

The Solution

  • Leveraged D3.js for visually appealing folder structure hierarchy and force-directed graphs to enable clear document relationships.
  • Implemented a comprehensive document and policy risk management system with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Developed an intuitive task management system with visual Kanban boards, timeline views, and progress tracking for efficient project management.
  • Ensured data segregation and security to enable multi-company access and collaboration with isolated namespaces and granular access rights.
  • Integrated a robust asset management system with dependency mapping and recovery objective documentation for holistic asset governance.
  • Promoted standardization and efficiency to facilitate dynamic template creation and management for various document types and frameworks.
  • Established a secure document management system with version control, approval workflows, and distribution capabilities for auditable documentation.
  • Implemented linked document management, enabling efficient cross-referencing and impact analysis across policies, procedures, and assets.

Key features

  • Document management

    Visual folder structures with integrated editors for seamless collaboration and audit trail.

  • Versions & approvals

    Change tracking, versioning, and multi-level approvals for auditable documentation.

  • Document templates

    Pre-built templates for policies, procedures, risk assessments, and more for quick onboarding.

  • Asset management

    Centralized documentation and visualization of digital and physical assets, requirements, and ownerships.

  • Risk management

    Flexible risk assessments, qualitative risk matrix, and operational risk tracking with forecasting.

  • Requirements mapping

    Mapping standards and regulations to policies and processes for streamlined audits and compliance.

  • Task management

    Task assignment, prioritization, and checklists for project-specific workflows.

  • Process workflows

    Custom Kanban boards aligned with organizational processes for efficient task tracking.

  • Request forms

    Integrated web forms for easy staff and customer requests, with automated notifications and evidence collection.

  • Road Maps & timelines

    Visualize workload, dependencies, and recurring reminders on interactive timelines.

  • Objectives tracker

    Define and track KPIs/OKRs, collect evidence, and visualize progress trends.

  • Maturity tracking

    Document and visualize the maturity of controls and processes for continuous improvement.

  • Document distribution

    Secure content distribution to staff and vendors, with auditable review tracking.

  • Diagram editor

    Design and document process flows and infrastructure diagrams with versioning and collaboration.

  • Dependency tracking

    Automatically visualize dependencies between policies, procedures, assets, and risks.

  • Website snapshots

    Capture and index website content as searchable documents.

  • Multi-customer/entity

    Isolated workspaces with granular access rights for multi-customer or multi-entity use cases.

  • GDPR management

    Centralized documentation of data processing activities, controllers, processors, and supplier risks.


  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Improved teamwork and productivity
  • Increased business revenue
  • Customers wish to build on a larger scale.

Tech stacks we used






Blazegraph (SPARQL Query Language)


Google Calendar, Asana, Gpt3-tokenizer, jira-client

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