Raise your voice against corruption and join hands in the making a crime free society. Lodge a complaint with the national anti-corruption commission using the app once you spot an act of corruption in any government sector office.

Expertise Delivered

iOSSaudi Arabia



Team Size

20 Weeks

Project Duration


The Challenge

A key challenge remained calculating deposit that a person renting an item has to pay and refunding the deposit once the rent period is over.

The app required a person to select the period for which he wants to rent an item. Upon the expiration of that period, the app must end the rent and release the item.

Moreover, implementation of Points Management System and drafting Cancellation Policy for unlike rental scenarios remained a persistent challenge throughout the project.

The Solution

To make sure the right deposit amount is collected and refunded without delay, we used Stripe Payment Gateway’s auth and capture mechanism for capturing and refunding the deposit amount post completion of rental transactions

To make sure the app works as expected and ends the rent, releases the item upon rent expiry, refunds the deposit on time to the renter, we included a batch job to auto end the rent post rent period.

To ascertain Points Management System and Cancellation Policy are in place regardless of the scenario, we used complex logic implementation through custom APIs. We rebuilt the entire Points Management System Engine over custom APIs from scratch.

Key features

Site Info

Learn about the site from the date plate


Perform inspection, enforce regulation in a hazardous area like an oil field with a smartphone app

Visual Inspection

Carry visual inspection of the site, wait for the inspector to upload the results in the app

Equipment Protections

The app will check every piece of equipment in the site for consistency and report if a glitch is found

Detailed Report

A report inclusive of hazardous area classifications and equipment nameplate details and result, passed or failed

Regulations & Compliances

A handbook for people working with electric equipment in hazardous areas is available within the app

Technology stack

Wireframe tool

Just in Mind




Adobe Photoshop

Backend development