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We built a custom solution for teachers, students, and educational institutes that is known for its user-friendly web-based platform. Teachers can effortlessly create exams at both institute and individual levels, while students can take exams and track their results. This platform provides students with a vast selection of competitive and board exams to practice with, giving them the freedom to choose their subject, language, time, and place. Parents can also use the platform to stay informed of their children's progress and customize mock tests for extra practice. With the ability to form communities and stay connected, it serves as the all-encompassing solution for education stakeholders.

Team Members


Project delivery time


The Challenge

  • Improving system response time during peak exam hours
  • Implementing efficient algorithms for large-scale data processing
  • Incorporating education qualification data into performance metrics calculation
  • Designing a cost-effective data storage solution to handle large amounts of student data
  • Developing a personalization system based on student performance analysis
  • Adding gamification elements to increase student engagement and motivation

The Solution

  • Optimized database queries through the implementation of load-balancing techniques, resulting in a significant improvement in response time.
  • Implemented parallel processing algorithms and cloud computing to streamline data processing, making it more efficient.
  • Developed algorithms to consider the impact of education qualifications and integrated the relevant data with data validation checks to maintain data consistency and accuracy.
  • Designed scalable and cost-effective cloud storage solutions that incorporate data compression techniques, enabling the efficient handling of massive amounts of student data.
  • Developed a personalized system that leverages machine learning algorithms to predict student performance and suggest personalized study plans.
  • Designed engaging and interactive activities, including leaderboards, to enhance student engagement and motivation.

Key features

  • Exam Creation
  • Exam Taking
  • Student & Batch Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Student & Teacher Dashboards


  • Created comprehensive and exhaustive exam taking application with multiple platforms.
  • Exhaustive tracking of student performance with the help of various dashboards & reports.

Tech stacks we used

We employed a variety of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to develop edutech - an online exam solution, including:


Python, TypeScript, Angular, React, React Native


Django, Django Rest


PostgreSQL, Redis

Libraries & Packages

Django-Redis, Django-celery-beat, openpyxl, Pandas

Tools & Utilities

Docker, Jenkins, nginx

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