Peerbits recently developed a web application for an OOH management software that provides services for advertisement posters, frames, and billboards. This web application serves as a common portal for all the internal workers as well the customers. The purpose of the web application is to ease the admin’s job of managing various functions in a single app.

The admin can manage the job list, assets, service requests, NFC tags, and many other functions on a single app. Apart from this the admin can also view the total number of jobs which are approved and unapproved. The admin can also define a target in the “campaign planning” section where he/she can view his/her daily progress.


The Challenge

Earlier the application had two different portals with separate databases. One portion was for customers and other was for jobs. Moreover, it had an old design, older version of platform, and even an old database. Due to which it became extremely difficult for the admin as well as the customers to use the web application.

The Solution

To overcome the challenge that our client faced, we merged the two platforms into one portal by using cutting-edge Django technology. This allowed the actors to access all the modules in a single platform. We created a unified Portal which is easy to use, professional, and familiar for its users. Moreover, they can maintain a log of all the clients’ items under each job.

Key features

Job management

You can manage all the jobs. You can create a new job with job title, order number, and description. You can also set the job status.

Graphics management

In this you can upload the image. The admin can make necessary annotations on the image if any before approving it. Once it gets approved, no further annotations can be made.

Poster management

When the item gets printed on graphic then it’s called the poster. We can keep the data of all the posters which are assigned to different customers with utmost ease.

Frame management

This feature allows you to manage all the frames. You will see the list of all the frames with their serial no., status, location, and customer ID. You can also take actions such as edit and delete.

Customer management

The admin can store, manage, update, and delete all the customer data in this feature. With this feature the customer management becomes easy, swift, and convenient.

Account management

This is one of the most important feature in this application. It allows you to make accounts and their sub-accounts to an infinite level. Moreover, the data for each account remains independent and isolated from each other.

Campaign planning

In this feature you can set a campaign. Just fill details like name of the campaign, start date, and end-date. You can enter the daily progress and can seen in the form of a graphic.

Technology stack




Visual studio






The admin and the customers took a sigh of relief as this web applications made their work convenient and swift.

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