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We built a system that implements and automates the Security Risk Assessment process by providing a structured approach for organizing and analyzing network data. It saves time for analysts by focusing their efforts on relevant information, providing a holistic view of the network dynamics and reducing the risk of missed threats.

The system automates tedious manual tasks and simplifies the risk assessment process, making it more efficient and effective. The methodology reduces the time and resources needed to complete security risk assessments, making it a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes.

Team Members


Months of Project delivery time


The Challenge

  • Performance and Scale: Ensuring all of the data is properly stored and nothing is lost while managing a continuously growing amount of data.
  • Risk Analysis: Avoiding data loss or missed information during the assessment process
  • Complexity of Data: Ensuring horizontal scalability to accommodate entities with different properties while minimizing join operations and retrieval time.

The Solution

  • Performance & Scale: Used Kafka to prevent data loss even during high traffic and applied Elasticsearch for quick retrieval
  • Risk Analysis: Utilize efficient database operations to avoid data loss during the assessment process
  • Complexity of Data: Used Neo4j to reduce complexity and achieve faster processing of queries and horizontal scaling.


  • Usability increased due to the visualization of all data in graph form
  • Any custom data can be accessed with different filters
  • Risks and Threats can be quickly found
  • An overview of all data can be found in Dashboard itself in form of different widgets
  • Simple and informative GUI with proper use of colors, space and text size

Technology stacks we employed to a next-gen eCommerce platform

We employed a variety of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to develop a robust security risk assessment system, including:


Java 17


Neo4J, Graph DBMS, Elasticsearch


Spring Boot, Spring Security

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