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Founded in 2015, a leading virtual event planning platform is on a mission to revolutionize the virtual event planning industry. The company's founders began by developing a machine-learning-powered matchmaking system that connects attendees at virtual events based on shared goals and interests.

Today, the company offers event organizers a comprehensive suite of solutions including a cloud-based peer-to-peer software program that makes it easy to host virtual video events, webinars, summits, video conferencing, and voice calls. In addition, it is well-positioned to continue driving positive change in the virtual event planning space for years to come.

Team Members


Project delivery time

1.5 Years

The Challenge

  • GIF implementation in multiple chat modules with a common call
  • Credit certificates and session watch time analytics
  • Rooms recording service
  • Implementation of chats, gamification, one-to-one and group meet features
  • Tagging in chat functionality for multiple chat modules with fast and accurate suggestion list based on character search.

The Solution

  • Integrating 3rd party API (Giphy) using a common utilities-based solution, making it possible to manage all 5 different chats modules.
  • Implemented Cassandra Big DB and Redis caching layer to create credit certificates and session watch time analytics - enabling the management of huge requests and loads.
  • Provided a recording service for video conferences using RecordRTC webRTC javascript library and dynamic channels for video chat using Agora RTM on React.
  • Improved system performance and reduced redundancy by adding a caching layer for middleware using Redis and memory.
  • Implemented Socket.io and Kafka payload solutions for Chats, Gamification, one-to-one and group Chat and Meet.
  • Connected databases like MongoDB and MySQL with the help of Debezium Kafka to capture changes in data.
  • Improved accuracy in character search for Tagging in Chat feature by performing data manipulation actions on Elasticsearch using tokenizer, analyzer, ElasticSearch bucket, and n-gram query.

Key features

  • Online chat services (peer-to-peer, group by chats)
  • Meetings
  • Voice calls
  • Conference rooms for video meetings (Rooms)
  • Virtual event programs
  • People [Attendee and Speakers]
  • Exhibitors
  • Online Contest
  • Polls and Survey on Session
  • Event Feed
  • Tagging in Chat, Gif in Chat


  • Backend API now loads in 300 ms.
  • Activated multiple 5 Different chats modules by common APIs calls.
  • Made batch-wise huge data import and export seamless.

Tech stacks we used

We employed a variety of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to develop a virtual event planning platform, including:


ReactJS, Laravel


MongoDB, MySQL, Elastic Search


JavaScript, Node.js Express



Network Request

Rest APIs

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