PEERBITS. The company name itself speaks about its belief. Peer = a companion and as it is an IT company, we all know what BITS means.

It would have not been possible for us to complete the successful 11 years of the long journey without the support and dedication of every PEER.

We are PEERBITS because of our brilliant, intelligent, innovative, and talented people’s consistent contribution.

We wanted to give credit to each individual for our 11 years of success and hence decided to celebrate it on 25th June 2022 at 100 ACREs, Gujarat. The excitement level of every peer was at its peak and curious to experience the joy the day would bring to them.

The company organized the transport facility for employees that gathered at 7:50 AM sharp on the office premises. With the quick attendance taken by the HR, everyone then went in the vehicle, which departed at 8:15 AM.

Many employees commuted with their own vehicle and the company vehicle reached the destination at 9:00 AM.

Everyone at the 100 Acres gathered max by 9:10 AM and had a formal Hi/Hello.


As it was the morning time, a company arranged a breakfast for every Peer. Hence, after reaching the destination, the day started with a refreshing breakfast including strong tea, guava juice, and other refreshing beverages & meals.

After completing the breakfast, all Peers gathered in the conference room where the speech was to be given by the 2 assets of the company Tej Chalishazaar and Srishti Dey about the journey of the company.

In the conference hall

Everyone gathered in the conference room, booked seats, and were curious to know what was next.


As usual, HR is the one who interacted first with the Peers. And HR (Sujata Sagathiya) started with strong “Good Morning”, and “Sab Aa Gaye”. In reply, all said, “Very Good Morning”, yes, “Sab Aa Gaye”.

As HR is the core person to manage human resources, in celebration as well, she was the one who took charge and hosted the event along with her fellow team members including Shahrukh, Pooja, & Shweta.

Srishti Dey gives an overview

Starting from the good morning, HR invited Srishti to come over to the stage and speak and share her experience in Peerbits since her joining.


Srishti spoke about the inception of the company where it has sister companies including, Yelowsoft, Arrowhub, & Gasswift.

As she is into product and by designation a product manager, she shared how her team started from zero and reached the milestone that they expected in the future and that future is today.

She praised the contribution of the team and every peer that equally contributed to making the product as well as the company a successful name.

A short walkthrough by TejChalishazaar

Tej Chalishazaar, a “Project Manager of the Mobile App Development Department” is a longtime Peer of the company.


He seamlessly explained how the company has achieved a huge success in the service industry by providing uncompromised quality to clients across the globe.

He also added, that how he has been grooming his career and is enjoying the work environment in Peerbits. He said, going through the challenges and meeting the expectation of the client is always a challenge but for Peers, it’s an opportunity.

From his joining till date, he shared how he found himself a valuable peer of the company who is given the responsibility to not only manage the team but also to leverage the platform in order to grow his own skill set.

He proudly said, A company that gives you a free hand to play and make footwork as per the situation with power in your hand, is no more but Peerbits.

From just offering the web & mobile app development services to trending IT solutions that include blockchain-based app development, IoT app development, cross-platform application development, AI/ML, and more to come, Peerbits is open to adopting the change and delivering the ease against the complexity.

Empowering words from the respected CEO

After both Srishti Dey and Tej Chalishazaar completed their speech, HR (Sujata Sagathiya) invited our honorable CEO Shahid Mansuri. Neither he nor any of the management has any special chair or frontline sitting arrangement.

Showing the gesture of humbleness, our entire management was, at last, sitting on the plastic chair finding their happiness in the happiness of employees and giving full liberty to every peer to enjoy and celebrate the way they want.

When he was invited, he simply just walked towards the stage, took a mike, and started with the words “Good Morning Team”. He spoke about the values of the company, work culture, employee empowerment, the importance of every peer’s contribution, and the innovation he wants to bring and see in every peer that is a part of the company today and will be in the future.

He praised how Peerbits is a place that defines the Indian culture as “UNITY IN DIVERSITY ”, where we only see talent and skill and ignore all (religion, region, casteism, color, gender, etc).

He said we started with the aim of providing an easy solution to society with the help of our technological expertise and bringing betterment to the families of people joining our company.

And we are still on the same principle where we have no space to compromise with it. He even added that India is a place where there are people speaking different languages and belonging to different regions and religions. And he is proud that Peerbits is the part of the Indian principle that is defining the same.

His speech also includes how MNCs differ from Peerbtis and what Peers get here that MNCs can’t provide. He strongly believes that a comfort zone is no place where an employee grows and this is what MNCs do.

He explained with an example: A Mango seed does not become a fruitful tree till it faces all 4 seasons and challenges that it carries.

Hence, he said, his focus is more on upskilling the talented candidates by giving them the opportunity rather than making them a part of the machine that only is responsible to work on just one task.

He further encouraged his peers to share the stage and share their stories and overcome their public speaking fear. With his strong personality and impact of words, 3 Peers from different departments shared their stories.

The first was Suganthi Chandra from the QA department

She said how she joined Peerbits and what problems she has gone through in her life being a lady, that too married woman and additionally a south Indian who usually faces the language and understanding problems.


She shared her experience that how she was quickly able to adjust herself in the company and along with her colleagues.

She added how she got support from her fellow colleagues and other teammates that produced confidence in her. With the humble nature and kind support from their teammates, she is now confident that she can freely work and share her thoughts and grow her career.

The second person that shared the stage was “Noman Shaikh”

He shared his experience about how he joined the company. He talked about how unique his interview was? What he was when he joined the company? His journey from the SEO trainee to digital marketing head with the additional skill set of a frontend developer.


He stated that he is a live example of how is this company the company of opportunity. As he got the opportunity that changed his life. Finally, he said, anyone that is confident and has a positive attitude toward learning and doing something in the career, Peerbits is the company to join.

Finally, a lady from Mumbai, “Harsha Yadav” added value to the conference meet from the stage

Being a lady working in the sales department had the courage to share the stage conveying how she is here in Ahmedabad from Mumbai. She said she had no knowledge of the IT domain or the product she is selling now.


But, Peerbits gave her the opportunity, free space to perform on the front foot, and do experiments as she thinks will work to bring the conversion.

She added, how she is lucky to work with her VP. sales, how she is getting support and cooperation from her teammates, and a friendly environment that encourages her to come the next day and put in some more effort than yesterday.

She thinks, she is in the right direction and is getting the positive vibe of having a bright future in the IT industry with Peerbits. She ended the speech by thanking all she got support from and our CEO who gave her the opportunity.

After these 3 peers’ valuable stories, our CEO ended the speech by thanking every individual of the company who has contributed to the successful completion of the 11 years right from its inception till now.

After the completion of the speech, it was time for a photo session.

Photo session

We then had a photo session department-wise. Here, HR called every department one by one for the photo session.


All happily got their photos clicked and had them framed in the lifelong memories. After the photo session, there was a surprise game waiting for all peers.

Surprise game

We were all now free with the photo session and it was the time to unbox the secret game. Peers were then told that the game we all are going to play is “Treasure hunt” finding clues where every peer would be aligned. 5 teams were made and every peer was indulged.

In this game, again as teamwork is shown in deploying the successful project, dedicated teamwork was seen. Every team tried hard and at last, Team 4 won the game. After getting wet with the perspiration in the treasure hunt game, it was time to play indoor games.

Time to play indoor games

Be it a girl or a boy, everyone participated in the indoor games as they participate and contribute equally to making the successful project.


This is what shows the equality in Peerbits. Peers enjoyed playing carrom, chess, air hockey, table tennis, and pool table.

Time to ingest the delicious food


After burning the calories, and playing outdoor and indoor games, the breakfast we all had got digested and rats were running in the stomach. We all were super hungry & went to enjoy the delicious lunch having a variety of dishes including starters, main courses, and dessert.

Soaking the sun in the swimming pool


After spending half the day playing games and having lunch, there was a call from the swimming pool. Peers who were excited about the swimming pool, dived in, expert swimmers manifested their swimming skills, and many played with the ball inside the swimming pool.

By the way, these all activities were getting recorded to keep them as memory and feel nostalgic later.

A call from high-tea

Time do not wait for anyone, and there was a call from the high-tea to every peer. After spending the energy in the games and swimming pool, it was time to get recharged.

And we Ahmedabadi’s know our refreshment is none other than “Chai”. It was the evening time and every peer enjoyed tea and coffee with fresh evening snacks.

Free time for peers


1 hour left to end the celebration and every peer was given the free time to discover the undiscovered area of 100 acres. They explored, had individual photo sessions, and enjoyed as they wanted.

And this is how the day ended

The clock said its 6:00 PM and the time to end the day. Peers were content with the celebration they had and spent their day enjoying breakfast, outdoor activities, indoor games, lunch, and high-tea. We all ended with memories that will last forever.


Srishti Dey

Srishti Dey is a dynamic Product Manager at a leading FinTech solutions provider. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, she expertly guides her products from concept to launch, ensuring they meet the ever-evolving needs of the latest market trends. A highly motivated and visionary member of the team, Srishti is dedicated to driving excellence and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

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